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Published: 10 years ago
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Oleozon - Ozonized Sun Flower Oil
It cures warts, 100%. It is essentially free. You can make it yourself. Get an ozone generator and bubble ozone through pure sunflower oil for about 1 month, it will turn into a sticky gel, this substance is fully ozonized oil, known as Oleozon.

The first application it will burn like hellfire, it is oxidizing the infected cells, they turn white and fall off. Healthy cells are NOT effected. We just had a lady at our clinic try it, she is clear of it now. This was her feedback, it works.

Here is a study done showing it works.
The virus cannot develop resistance to it, so the success rate given enough time would have been 100%. This means it destroys all of the virus/infected cells, and you no longer can infect your partner once it is gone.

Evaluation of therapeutic properties of OLEOZON® in the treatment of women with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) uteri cervix infection.
Ríos M.A., Aguilar O., Torres A., Hernández M., Menéndez S. and Amigó M. (Cuba)

HPV is associated with cervical cancer and preceding lesions. Cervical cancer is the second most common malignant tumor in the world, although its tendency is to occupy a first place in some geographic zones, such as Central and South America and the Caribbean region. In spite of several studies made worldwide to establish effective therapeutics against HPV infection, there isn't consensus about this. Now there are two different treatments for HPV infections. The first is based in lesion destruction by mean of chemicals or surgical methods, but they can't eliminate viral infection. The second one is based in viral elimination with antiviral agents. The ozonized sunflower oil (OLEOZON®) has shown antiviral activity in the treatment of viral infections such as Herpes virus. Our main aim in this study was to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of this product in HPV infected women. To develop this study we selected 12 women with NIC I, associated with HPV and condiloma acuminate lesions. OLEOZON® was applied daily, in the uteri cervix of each patient, during 20 days. Cytological, histological (in some cases) and colposcopic examination were made to each patient before and after the treatment. Two of the twelve left the treatment. From the rest, eight (80 %) women showed total clinical and cytological regression of lesions. Viral persistence was observed in two (20 %) patients. In some cases, total elimination of vaginal secretion, was observed after the treatment. Side effects due to the OLEOZON® were not observed in any case.

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