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Involuntary vomiting immediately after eating.
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Published: 12 years ago

Involuntary vomiting immediately after eating.

Good evening, All.

I am new to Curezone and, while I've seen one or two postings with this peculiar symptom, I wanted to start my own thread to see if anyone else has the same thing going on with them.

I am a 47 year-old woman and have been pretty healthy my whole life. I've never been terribly overweight, although over the past several years, I've gained more weight than I'd like (comes with age, I guess). I exercise, but not as much as I did 8-10 months ago, which was every morning for an hour. Now, I am lucky to get in an hour 2-3 days per week. I don't feel or look like I'm nearly 50...

A little history... For several years I've had pain in my lower left abdomen. I had tests done 15 or so years ago and that doctor said I had spastic colon. He prescribed Levsin which, to my recollection, seemed to help. It wasn't a medicine that I took every day, so it lasted a long time. I refilled it once, but because so much time had passed, they told me I'd have to come in for a checkup for another refill and I didn't end up going back. The pain (dull and constant when it is present) is in the lower left side of my abdomen, has continued through the years, and is sometimes worse than others. I donít have constipation or diarrhea (except when I attempted to flush and use a maintenance plan a few years ago)

Beginning about January this year (2008), I started involuntarily throwing up my food shortly after I ate - every time I ate. I wasn't forcing myself, or wanting it to happen, it just did. I have not lost weight at all, so there is no benefit there (lol). Even with eating a smaller meal than I used to, I felt very full and bloated. It was like the food was caught in the esophagus. The food that came back up was undigested and not acidic at all, and it continued for a couple of hours after I ate. It was pretty annoying and, I might add, pretty embarrassing and gross. I event got to a point that I had to keep a covered cup by my desk because it would start about 5-10 minutes after I ate and every few minutes thereafter for about 1-1/2 to 2 hours; I couldn't go to the bathroom every time I had to throw up. It was really annoying when I was at home watching TV with my family and I'd have to run to the bathroom every couple of minutes.

I went to the doctor and he did both a lower and upper. He said I donít have any polyps and everything looked good, except a little irritation in the esophagus. He prescribed Reglin(sp?) and gave me some acid reflux meds to try. After I tried some, I decided that Protonix seemed to help at least a little, so he prescribed Protonix. I was having some cramping (like burning) at the base of my esophagus, so the nurse told me to stop taking the Reglin.

While taking the Protonix seems to sometimes help with the throwing up in the mornings, it doesn't help at all in the evenings. The nurse told me to take one Protonix in the AM and another in the evening and see if it helps, but there is no change. I am still throwing up a good portion of my meals in the evenings Ė still not acidic, still undigested. I've tried different foods and different amounts of foods. Foods that never bothered me before are coming back up.

I don't understand what is going on. I've never had digestive problems to my knowledge. My diet isn't anything to "brag" about, but it isn't particularly bad either. The only symptom I have other than the pain and bloating is throwing up undigested food. Iíve only seen one or two postings with similar symptoms, but throwing up isnít a symptom of Diverticulosis to my knowledge.

I am very confused and very annoyed and really just want to have a solution to this. Flushing doesnít seem to help me. I used to frequent the health food store and tried all that before. When I flushed and used the daily management pills, my stomach gurgled all the time, even with half the recommended dosage. I went back to my original doctor about the cramping and gurgling and he said that it was because of the pills, so I stopped taking them. He told me that if I maintain a pretty good diet that I shouldn't need all that anyway. I used to take lots of daily vitamins and, last summer, my general Dr. told me to stop taking them altogether (except a daily and calcium, which I now forget to take Ė my bad). She said that I had too much B-12 and that the rest of what I was taking was unnecessary.

The only Diverticulosis symptoms I have (to my knowledge) are the bloating and pain, for which I'm going to ask the doctor for another prescription for Levsin (which is listed as one of the meds to help with those symptoms).

Does anyone else experience these symptoms? It is especially frustrating because it seems that anything I eat, and any amount of food I eat, triggers this reaction.


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