Blog: MMS Diary - of a cure? Or another scam?
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MMS update/DMSO and paradophilus update

Summing up on MMS - what it is good for, and what lies are told, with an update on paradophilus

Date:   2/24/2008 11:32:50 AM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 7901 times

Hello, 'blog-readers (an intrepid class of people, surely, those who read others' blogs). I am well into my second week of 18 drops three times a day of MMS "deepened" by DMSO. There is absolutely no change of any kind in my functioning or feelings, and no reaction to the stuff. Whilst this does not in itself mean that MMS is without value, it does mean that when they say that once you have done a week at the max. doasge, you are largely pathogen-overload-free. Not only my MS symptoms, but even just my classic candida symptoms like scalp itching! are replete with pathogen-genicity, as usual. Henceforth, the extent to which this 'blog covers MMS matters will be my testimonials for it for other people or for my patients (I run a cat/dog alt. health clinic). It continues to have quick and "miraculous" effects on stubborn health concerns in them, and these I will relate. It is important that people who live with and/or rescue cats and dogs realize how vile the pharmaceutical industry is when it comes to addressing "pet" concerns. Those antibiotics that vets push for every last thing - probably most of all for viral infections that are not treatable in any way by antibiotics - I think it outrageous that vets and "pet-owners" ignore the fact that they are cruelly tested on cats and dogs. A vet once "justified" this to me with the "excuse" that THOSE kittens and puppies are "bred" to be cruelly tested on, as if that makes it all right - insanity! Insanity - the Nazi doctors never came up with worse unhingement of reason. Besides, it isn't true. A lot of the laboratory cats and dogs are those who have been stolen or taken as strays and sold to the laboratories. For this reason alone, we should wean ourselves from using drug-antibiotics on our cats and dog; but there are other reasons to replace them with MMS - it's actually effective; it's cheap; it boosts rather than lowers immune function; and you don't have to go to a vet to get it. Also if you have it on hand, you can use it on yourself if you start a cold or get a burn or something.

As for my own health, I am giving up the MMS/DMSO. It won't go to waste, as I shall use it on patients. Indeed, for about a week my Poo has been throwing up about three times for every morsel of food he takes, immediately afterwards. I won't affirm an MMS victory yet, but this morning I put MMS (activated but without water) in his food and - he didn't do it this time. This was after a couple of days of getting "paradophilus" down him.

Note about DMSO: if MMS doesn't seem to be working for you, I wouldn't waste my money and "political vote" getting DMSO to go with it, based on my experience. I perceived absolutely no difference using the DMSO at the same amount of drops as the MMS (18 three times a day).

I also would ABSOLUTELY save my money on paradophilus. It is hugely expensive, and I have chugged a whole bottle with no reactions of any kind. Do not pin your hopes on that. If you are intrigued by the hope of getting more friendly flora, you'd presumably do better to do something like order "water kefir" grains, and sprout them endlessly (you do not have to use milk!!!!); or you could make your own sauerkraut (directions can be found online) with some cabbage and salt. These are really cheap, and based on my experience I see no reason that they would be less effective than the paradophilus, which to me (and Poo) seems no more "potent" than drinking water. In fact, its main ingredient on the label is "water" - not "purified water", "spring water", "well water", "reverse osmosis/distilled water" - just water. So what else are you taking in when you take in the paradophilus? I really wouldn't invest in that waste of time, hope and money (as I did).

So as for this blog and my own health ascent of K2, I am giving up using MMS/DMSO and paradophilus on myself and am going veganic, as I've been wanting to do. Going veganic is not in itself a health measure (except mental health), and it's questionable whether it will help my candida/MS or individual symptoms. However, since I am going raw veganic, I'll have to be relying for food on such wildcrafty items as seaweeds, camu camu, pau d'arco, and fertilizer-free ones like chlorella; and it will be a grain-free dietary, which might help if there are any insulin problems causing the scary weight gain (or sleep apnea thing). At all events, we will see how a raw dietary that is low in fat and low in fruit and free of salt and "gourmet" concoctions improves one's health and conditions - or does not. Even if it just reversed the weight gain trend and helped the clinical obesity issue, that would be something.

Whether it will help MS and/or candida really remains to be seen. I wonder if chlorella could repair some demyelinization? Will the iodine from the seaweeds over time improve some matters? I have tried iodine therapy before...It will be pretty low in sugars, but not strictly - there will be some mesquite meal and carob, and that may feed the yeast happily enough so that they have a field day, with only pau d'arco to keep them in check, and I don't think it's up to the job.

In short, this may be disastrous! But it's an end to putting hope in these supplements like paradophilus and MMS/DMSO (and ozonated water and Oxygen supplements and Candex and Carnivora and...) for candida, and as such it can't possibly be more disastrous than putting hope in them has been.

By the way, that reminds me - please don't waste your money and hope on ionic foot baths!!!! I got mine for over 1000 dollars and it is now my most expensive cat litter box - all it is good for!!!!

I wish I could tell you about a magic bullet. Those of us who have been attacking candida and/or MS for years and years most of all long to think there's a stellar piece of the puzzle we've been missing out on all this time - a simple, elegant Eureka! like MMS (that is, MMS as it strikes us when we are first told promises about it). We still believe it has got to exist - surely there ought to be something that simply KILLS YEAST. Electromedicine is another such Eureka that seems as if it MUST be the missing key.

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