MMS Diary - of a cure? Or another scam?
by #90515 and my fasting/Note to people who leave messages here   9 y  
Thoughts about HGH/insulin working in inverse proportion/request for post-ers/NO SADISTIC MANIAC GODS ALLOWED
As you saw if you clicked through to that site and read a bit about autoimmune disorders, this is pretty overwhelming to contemplate. It makes me prepare not only for raw-foodism and for fasting, b...   read more

You'll enjoy this!   9 y  
Is this YOU?
If you have MS/candida, or other autoimmune system disorders or symptoms like sleep problems, thyroid problems, extreme fatigue, fibromyalgia, food allergies, and other stuff you live with, you may...   read more

Great MMS news, cool and double-cool!   9 y  
MMS/MS report and MMS for "GI bug"/vomiting? MMS scores a point or two, paradophilus none!
For those of you intrigued with what MMS can do, I have two reports to make that may help you sometime in the near future! Firstly, Poo had been vomiting directly after eating for over a week. Abou...   read more

MMS update/DMSO and paradophilus update   9 y  
Summing up on MMS - what it is good for, and what lies are told, with an update on paradophilus
Hello, 'blog-readers (an intrepid class of people, surely, those who read others' blogs). I am well into my second week of 18 drops three times a day of MMS "deepened" by DMSO. There is absolutely ...   read more

"Adaptation" syndrome - does anyone have this or have ideas/knowledge about it?   9 y  
Adaptation sydrome - enter the weird zone.
I seem to have something that could be called "adaptation syndrome". This round of MMS, it isn't even boosting my pH and I don't "taste" it or feel any nausea at all. The first round, three weeks i...   read more

Is DMSO with MMS more effectiv e? One person's quest to find out.   9 y  
End of Day 4 pondering about truth in advertising and responsible alt."medicine"
All right, I've had my third dose of 18 drops of MMS today on Day 4 of 18 x 3. The first dose had an added 5 drops of DMSO and the other two had an added 18 drops of it. So far, no sign that it ...   read more

MMS with solvent for blood-brain barrier   9 y  
My first experiment with "boosted" activated MMS.
I put off doing my MMS doses today until I could get some of the solvent that they say enables it to work better. I did not know (I do now) the horrific cruel and violent testing that has been done...   read more

A new MMS day   9 y  
Day 4 starts with hypothermia and weary from rough sleep apnea. A more civilized time schedule?
Slept fitfully from about 5 in the morning to 7. Sleep apnea and hypothermia. Deep shivering. I've been on a dramatically nocturnal schedule for a couple of months. Perhaps if I get up now, I wi...   visit the page

MMS for MS, cont'd   9 y  
I fail - dates and bad news have me smashing into walls - is there something quick to stop a flare-up as it rages?
Yeesh. Things are at a screaming stressful pitch at the moment, and I failed my protocol. I can hardly write, but I will try. I have gotten so much worse that I am smashing into the walls as I try ...   read more

Update falling down   9 y  
Stress worsens candida/MS symptoms, as you know!
MS and candida people will know this well: stress really sends your symptoms for a loop. I've been falling down a lot now this afternoon, and it's dangerous how I toddle precariously everywhere. Ca...   read more

Sorry about that mistype of "Welcome", by the way - I'm really trying to keep my typing and writing as functioning as possible!   9 y  
Can my brain-cells keep working? I hate it every time I make a typo or slur my speech.
Day 2 of MMS anti-MS trial   9 y  
I continue to hit the maximum dosage of MMS and feel great frustration and despair about its efficacy.
Hello, everyone. Today will be the third day since I went back to 3 daily doses of 18 drops. I'm tempted to say "nada, rien, zip", except for the fact that I slept "only" about 8 and a half hours y...   read more

Welcone to my MMS-for-humans expose   9 y  
Introduction to a few of the major concerns I am trying to address with the MMS/paradophilus protocol against candidiasis/MS.
In addition to using MMS on feline, porcine, and canine clients, I am using it to save my own life. I am disintegrating from MS, which is caused by candidiasis. I have had candidiasis for a few dec...   read more


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