my fasting journeys :)
by RedRoses90
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day 2 of 7   11 y  
day 2 of 7
well yesterday was shockinly easy to get through i didnt do anything all day i hardly drank anything either i had 1 mug of hot chocolate (my lil cheat im allowing myself) 1 cup of green tea and half a pint of water i got to sleep easily the only problem i experianced was a slight headache im not craving any food at all really so even if i was hungry i wouldnt know what i wanted to eat lol tomorow i plan on going shopping so that should take my mind off of the fast and hopefully provide a little bit of exercise at the same time! im feeling optomistic about finally completing 7 da ...   read more

day 1 of 7 lets do this!   11 y  
day 1 of 7 day fast
right 7 day fast begins today going to take the first couple days easy and allow myself 1 hot chocolate each of the first 3 days in the hope that it will keep me going and i will not have anything but water for the last 4 so heres hoping i can do it! monday i plan on going shopping so that will hopefully keep my mind off of the hunger, today i should be fine i used to manage the first day quite easily i think tomorow is going to be the struggle. ive decided to not weigh myself until monday and then i will weigh myself again on friday when i finish my fast. fingers crossed i manage this ...   read more

tomorow never comes!   11 y  
restart gotta keep motivated its so so hard
motivation totally gone gonna have to force myself into this seriously its hard to keep fasting when mom brings home lots of yummy treats for me. even though i tell her not to i dunno why she sees disencouraging me as being nice today ive not eaten too to badly, mostly home made soup and oat bread tomorow will be my day 1 of fasting, i guess i wont be going out this weekend just got my dress i ordered online i managed to SQEEEEZE into it but i defo need to lose a bit of weight for it to fit more comfortably. so this will be my last ever fast once i complete it. then i will start a ...   read more

ah FINALLY nearly reached the 24 hour mark   11 y  
24 hours almost over yay!!
looks like i might manage to fast again i f***ed up and had to restart so my fast started at half past 4 last night and its now half past two so im two hours away from completing the first 24 hours FINALLY im not particularly enthusiastic about this fast tbvh but if i want to lose some weight then ive just got to do it. think i will get through tomorow easily and i will keep myself busy on saturday so hopefully i can keep this fast going for a while longer maybe until next weekend. who knows. ten pounds to lose still im hoping that i will be able to get this weight completly off ...   read more

oh deary me   11 y  
day 1 restart
its so so so hard getting back into the right frame of mind for this fast. i want to lose the weight but i want to eat too, anyway i failed yesterday. i have to do this shopping on saturday AGAIN! and i dont want to be flabby for that, also just ordered myself a new dress that i know for a fact will be a tad on the small side so that should help keep me motivated maybe by the time it gets here i will of dropped a few pounds the time is now 14.20 and im not even hungry YET so thats a good thing! :) today weather is awful again. but tomorow im going to go for an hours walk. no matter ...   read more

nothing gets you motivated like feeling your belly jiggle!   11 y  
flab monster, motivated to get to my goal, time to stop talking and start doing
WOW WOW WOW i certainly let myself go more than i realised this weekend, just coz the scales havent gone up much dosent mean i havent turned into a complete FLAB MONSTER yuck!!! i got up to do some exercise and it hurt my stomache due to the feeling of fat jiggling around f***ing disgusting! so im all set for this fast that i was only half heartedly doing im now doing it passionatly and i will not eat again untill i weigh 7 stone...decision made! if i really really really start to feel ill i will have a few pieces of pineapple or a cup of soup. both the pineapple cups i have are 65cals ...   read more

day 4 of 5 :)   11 y  
day 4 or 5, sleepless night, aches, ready to quit but absoloutly no disire for food anymore
my scales are still a nightmare to read but definatly lost today id say im roughly 7st5 now so only 5 more pounds to lose till im happy not feeling any hunger at all today, kinda want to break the fast and go for a jog but im gona stick in at it last night was rough i couldnt sleep, even though my eyes were heavy and i felt tired i just could not sleep, i think i finally managed to doze off at about 6.30 am and i woke at 12.20 so i still got almost 6 hours not too bad still got my gut and bingo wings i have one of two plans 1)break my fast tomorow morning, go for a jog, then dont eat ...   read more

its always harder towards the end of each day   11 y  
fasting and weight loss platue
so its 6.30pm and day 3 is getting hard, all im thinking about is food now although i felt great this morning ive been getting dizzy spells and my legs and arms feel like jelly, i dont even have the energy to move right now to top it off ive basically lost no noticable amount of weigh, soo tempted to go make some food, but i wont not until friday night at the earliest, in which case i only have to go another 48 hours or so without food, im actually hoping that i get some energy and can wait till saturday night to eat. after this fast im going to do intermittent fasting one day water only ...   read more

day 3 of 5   11 y  
day 3 of 5
not weighing myself today after my severe disappointment with the 1 pound loss yesterday, im not feeling physically hungery although i would love to eat, but i know if i just try keep myself busy i will be fine. going to go for a jog today and dye my hair, clean out my pet, read a magazine, look at clothes online, just try keep my mind off food! im surprisingly not all that thirsty yet today so im just sipping on my first pint of water, think i will have my green tea soon, then go for a jog when mum gets back and is making her dinner so that i dont have to smell it. might do 15 minut ...   read more

oh dear :'(   11 y  
day 2 challenges
it is now half past 3 in the afternoon of day two and im soooooo hungry, this isnt going to be as easy as id hoped, i keep wanting to go to the kitchen and make myself some beans on toast, for some reason that seems to be what im craving, im not sure how many glasses of water ive drank but i keep downing them to try make me feel fuller, cant wait to go get my green tea i think that will help me get through this! part of me wants to just eat then fast & exercise the next 3 days like i was going to anyway but that will mean my body wont get the chance to enter ketosis tomorow from what i un ...   read more

Day 2 of 5   11 y  
day 2 of 5 feeling bored
well unfortunatly i dont have my scales with me atm so cant weigh myself, i hope i get a pleasent surprise tomorow though! day 1 wasnt as rough as i thought it was going to be really, and today hasnt been to bad so far either, although i am thinking about all the food im wanting, canaloni nachos beans and toast cheese and toast so for some reason there seems to be alot of carbs that im wanting i just had a shower and my god am i untoned, every inch of me seems to just wibble and wobble about, ew! that definatly motivated me, im back into the comfort of a oveeersize jumper and pj ...   read more

a list of reasons i enjoy fasting!   11 y  
reasons im fasting, and things i can do to distract myself from food
i think if i make a small list of reasons its nice to fast when i feel tempted to eat and break it i can look at this and remind myself of all the positives it has. 1) i enjoy being cold. strange i know, but i prefer it, i think i like it because i love all things warm. hot drinks. hot water bottles. cozy blankets. being cold means i can use these 2) i need to re-gain self control, over food and other aspects of life. 3) it gives me time to think, so far today i have actually made a lot of decisions about my life, 4)its good to let your body detox 5)i want to be slim, fastin ...   read more

day1 taking it easy :)   11 y  
day1 hungry
at my parents today, not going to do much, just rest, thats what im going to do today and tomorow, then wednesday thursday and friday morning ill go for an hours walk, i am going to do some arm exercises today. i hate my arms. im already dying to eat. beans and toast is what im actually wanting. but ive got to remember im going shopping for shorts on saturday soo i definatly dont want to be eating before then :D in a way im glad my scales arent here, id love it if i could resist weighing myself until saturday morning, but i know tomorow ill be desperate to get on them when i go home ...   read more

Dissapointment, and relief   11 y  
relief after bingeing
so i broke my last fast on day 4 why? was i hungry? was i dizzy? did i feel unable to go on with it? NO to all of those quesstions, i was annoyed. yes thats right i ate something because i was annoyed, and the food brought me temporary distraction and satisfaction, i binged, but now im ready more than ever for another fast 5 day goal again and if i feel ok on day 5 i will keep going from there so no set amount of days minimum amount of days is 5 though, i have learnt from this that i dont eat simply when im hungry but emotionaly wich is not good at all, hopefully this is a habit i can cha ...   read more

Day 3 of five   11 y  
day 3 of water fast, feeling positive
well last night was horrible i suffered abit of insomnia, i didnt get to sleep till after 5 am and woke again at 11 am so i got some sleep thank god, when i first woe up today i felt weak, my arms and legs felt kinda like they werent attachet to my body, i had to sit in the shower due to the weakness i felt, i was so close to caving in but i honestly have absoloutly no appetite today so im thinking this ketosis thing has begun, im not going to stick to the exercise side of things, my bmr is 1,336 so i can burn that doing nothing, if i exercise i know i will HAVE to eat due to the weakness, ...   read more

Day 2 of 5   11 y  
day 2 of my fast is going well
so i didnt get my exercise done so far today, i will do the dumbells but i wont be going for a jog due to the weather! thunder,rain and hail, i dont think it would be a good idea much for summer! anyway im not bothered that i cant exercise today because i will do tommorow and i managed everything yesterday plus i calculated my bmi which is about 1,300 so even without moving i will still burn 1,300 calories, and i guess tomorow i will be in ketosis...honestly i dont fully understand ketosis but apparently thats when the fat burning really begins so i look forward to burni ...   read more

Day 1 of Five day fast   11 y  
this is a little blog about my fasting, and how its all going,
so after doing a few short fast usually lasting 3 days and being broken on the fourth i have decided to try for 5 days this time, then next time i will hopefully manage 7 then finally a 10 day fast ive had a few failed attempts at this fast but im feeling like i can do it now this is my five day plan 5 day plan monday fast jog with wrist weights :30 minutes x 2 dumbells whilst wearing wrist weights: 100 each arm reps twist board: 15 minutes with wrist weight and dumbells Tuesday fast jog with wrist weights: 30 minutes x 2 dumbells whilst wearing wrist weights: 100 each arm ...   read more

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