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Re: Why no dedicated Judaism Debate forum?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Why no dedicated Judaism Debate forum?

A big ooops! My posting was to generate some debate amongst the Jewish Faithists, and others.

In any case, I consider myself a born again Jew! Who knew?

Which is to say, from Judaism, as a great monotheistic religion, so became Christianity, as a further development from the Old Testament, to the New Testament, and the curtain was torn apart, so to speak, as a metaphor if not a reality, to stop the SECRET PREISTHOOD, and begin a religion based upon open-ness, with a foundation of love, rather than fear of a spiteful and vengeance filled God/Goddess. So, if some of us consider ourselves to be "born again Jews", it is not without recognition of all the struggles that preceded Christianity, with our Jewish Faithist brothers and sisters. Is this ok to say?

Just as those of us of Lutheran heritage must recognize the evolution of Christianity out of Catholicism. Central to Martin Luther's thesis was his recognition of CONSCIENCE; and the resulting break-away from Catholic controls over all and everything, and leading to a great awakening during the Great Reformation period lasting hundreds of years.

Where would the world be if most of the people were still subject to the autocracy of Catholicism? It was from developments within Lutheranism that advanced much of the thinking and social revolutions for the New World. ((Praise God, and Allah, and the Great Goddess, and Gaia Spirit. Is that too profane? ))

As for kabals, hell's bells, sure those exist, see SKULL AND BONES, and the horrors they have brought to us with the various SECRET SOCITIES of the su-called NEW WORLD ORDER, nothing new about it, just the same age-old 'Divine Rights of Kings' wrapped in new fineries, but representing the old oligarchies and plutocrats controls.

All of those kabals need exposing, including the exposes sorely needed about the corrupted banksters and banksterisms....and our very own 'Fed'!

And YES, it is likely true, that most Jewish Faithists still want to believe that they and only they are the one's favored by God; and thus they will not engage those with whom they believe to be less under God's eye. Could that lead to a form of self-righteousness?

Anyway, I do prefer the symbolism/symbol of the Star of David, over the Cross. That's just my personal take. It's a far more intricate, and possibly far more esoteric symbol.


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