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A colloid is a particle substance that retains its identity and remains in liquid suspension.   Colloids are very small in size and therefore easily absorbed by the cells of the body.  Plants convert metallic minerals into this form.   They have a natural negative electrical charge.

Liquid minerals have a natural negative electrical charge, which is the signature of the true plant derived mineral.

Minerals that are negatively charged  have   two very important benefits.

  • It greatly increases the transport and bioavailability of other nutrients gotten from foods and/or vitamins and other supplements.

  • It will attract toxins and heavy metals from the body and flush them out. Clinical tests done in the US. and in Germany have verified this.


Minerals in their metallic form can be toxic to the human body.   Dangerous levels of these metallic minerals can accumulate in the tissues and create serious health problems.



Analysis Report of Virgin Earth Plant Derived Minerals*

Procedure: Chloride, fluoride and bromide were determined via Ion Chromatography (I.C.). 

Ammonium ion was determined by the Kjeldahi method. 

Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption (CVAA) spectroscopy was used or mercury. 

Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption (GFAA) spectroscopy was employed for the determination for arsenic, selenium, lead and antimony. 

All other elements were determined quantitatively or semi-quantitatively using inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emmission Spectrometry (ICP-OES). 

Double checks for the majority of elements were also performed by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS). 

Where necessary, samples were diluted or concentrated before analysis.  All amounts listed are in mg/L (milligrams per liter). 


Total minerals as determined by evaporation:

15,100 mg/L (anhydrous), 19,000 mg/L (crystalline hydrates).


Element Name Chemical Symbol Unit Finding
Aluminum AL mg/L 1490
Antimony SB mg/L 0.185
Arsenic AS mg/L 0.005
Barium BA mg/L 0.0105
Beryllium BE mg/L 0.08
Bismuth BI mg/L 0.0025
Boron B mg/L 1.525
Bromine BR mg/L 0.055
Cadmium CD mg/L 0.031
Calcium CA mg/L 140
Carbon C mg/L 60
Cerium CE mg/L 0.55
Cesium CS mg/L 0.003
Chloride CL mg/L 140
Chromium CR mg/L 0.105
Cobalt CO mg/L 1.075
Copper CU mg/L 0.11
Dysprosium DY mg/L 0.045
Erbium ER mg/L 0.04
Europium EU mg/L 0.002
Fluoride F mg/L 0.06
Gadolinium GD mg/L 0.075
Gallium GA mg/L 0.006
Germanium GE mg/L 0.33
Gold AU mg/L less than 0.001
Hafnium HF mg/L 0.0015
Holmium HO mg/L 0.0055
Indium IN mg/L 0.0005
Iodine I mg/L less than 0.005
Iridium IR mg/L less than 0.005
Iron FE mg/L 320
Lanthanum LA mg/L 0.195
Lead PB mg/L 0.005
Lithium LI mg/L 5.45
Lutetium LU mg/L 0.0105
Magnesium MG mg/L 370
Manganese MN mg/L 14
Mercury HG mg/L 0.00045
Molybdenum MO mg/L 0.001
Neodymium ND mg/L 0.375
Nickel NI mg/L 1.345
Niobium NB mg/L less than 0.01
Osmium OS mg/L 0.0045
Palladium PD mg/L 0.001
Phosphorus P mg/L 0.005
Platinum PT mg/L less than 0.001
Potassium K mg/L 8.45
Praseodymium PR mg/L 0.0325
Rhenium RE mg/L 0.002
Rhodium RH mg/L 0.00045
Rubidium RB mg/L 0.0435
Ruthenium RU mg/L 0.0015
Samarium SM mg/L 0.0425
Scandium SC mg/L 0.045
Selenium SE mg/L 0.0075
Silicon SI mg/L 95
Silver AG mg/L 0.001
Sodium NA mg/L 82.5
Strontium SR mg/L 1.05
Sulfur (sulfate) S mg/L 12075
Tantalum TA mg/L 0.003
Tellurium TE mg/L 0.015
Terbium TB mg/L 0.0175
Thallium TL mg/L 0.425
Thorium TH mg/L 0.0025
Thulium TM mg/L 0.007
Tin SN mg/L 0.0155
Titanium TI mg/L 0.085
Tungsten W mg/L less than 0.003
Vanadium V mg/L 0.0495
Ytterbium YB mg/L 0.055
Yttrium Y mg/L 0.575
Zinc ZN mg/L 397.5
Zirconium ZR mg/L 0.105


*These analysis were performed by multiple certified laboratories using samples for multiple production batches and represents average values.  This statement of analysis has been independently review for accuracy by associates of  Dr. Gerhand Schrauzer Ph.D Director of the Biological Trace Elements Research Institute, the Rockland Corporation and Coors Ceramics Company.  American Longevity Virgin Earth Minerals are plant derived colloidal minerals and are not routinely tested by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Although great care is taken in the processing of this product, American Longevity Virgin Earth Minerals are plant derived colloidal minerals and as such should be considered a "Natural living Product".   Because of this variations of color, taste and consistency may occur between production batches.



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