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Livingston-Wheeler Therapy

DURING THE 1950s the late Dr. Virginia (Wuerthele-Caspe) Livingston-Wheeler isolated a strain of bacteria she believed caused cancer and developed a vaccine to treat it. Her work is continued at the clinic she founded in San Diego, and focuses on a variety of treatments to strengthen the immune system.


Dr. Livingston received her M.D. from New York University in 1936, and in the mid-1940s developed the hypothesis that tuberculosis, leprosy, scleroderma, and cancer are all characterized by similar metabolic processes and are caused by related bacteria. (10,11) She described a method for isolating the microbe responsible for cancer in 1970 and named it Progenitor cryptocides (PC), which means "the primordial, hidden killer." (7, 13) Other investigators have analyzed her cultures and identified them as different species of Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. (1, 2)

Livingston discovered that PC (or other microbes) produces in vitro human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone secreted by the embryo that allows it to become attached to the wall of the uterus. (14) This hormone maintains the lining of the uterus during early pregnancy to prevent spontaneous abortion of the fetus. Livingston was the first to identify the production of this hormone by bacteria. Other researchers have

confirmed her results and have found a similar hormone produced in vivo by bacteria (5, 8) and in tumor tissue from cancer patients. (3)

The Vaccine

Dr. Livingston stated that PC is present in all people, but is kept in check by the immune system. When the immune system is weakened, PC rapidly multiplies and secretes chorionic gonad-otropin, allowing cancer to gain a foothold. (7)

In 1965 she reported treating forty patients with an autogenous vaccine that was made from cultures of PC from each individual patient, using either blood or urine. (12) The treatment also included vitamin and mineral supplements, a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fresh fruit, raw vegetables, and well-cooked proteins. Dr. Livingston also promoted the use ofabscisic acid, a plant hormone, as a powerful anticancer weapon. (6) Cleansing enemas were also used.

Poultry products were completely eliminated, because she believed they were heavily infested with PC. Likewise smoking and alcohol were prohibited.

Therapeutic Results

In her book The Conquest of Cancer, Dr. Livingston presented a review of sixty-two cases and concluded that the clinic had a success rate of 82 percent, denning success as remission or significant improvement in health. (7) She believed that the remaining 18 percent could have been helped if their immune systems had not been compromised by chemotherapy and radiation.

The OTA study reports that clinical trials of autogenous vaccine are being conducted by Anthony Strelkauskas, M.D., at the University of South Carolina, and in Norfolk, Virginia under the direction of Vincent Speckhart, M.D., and Alva Johnson, Ph.D. Preliminary results show several cases of tumor regression, ranging from partial to complete, and an absence of adverse reactions except for an occasional rash or localized redness. (9)

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine compared the outcome of seriously ill cancer patients receiving conventional treatment with those receiving the Livingston-Wheeler regimen, including the autogenous immunization shots. (4)

The researchers concluded they could find no difference in survival between the two groups. The quality of life was slightly better in those receiving conventional care, but the authors note that these patients as a group were in better condition at the beginning of the study. This is probably due to the fact that many patients seek alternative therapy for cancer only when they are seriously ill and have exhausted traditional treatments.

A closer look reveals that the patients in both groups received about the same levels of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Dr. Livingston contended that her treatments were much less effective when the patient's immune system was already compromised by other therapy. The outcome is not surprising when we consider that the group receiving Livingston-Wheeler treatments continued to receive conventional treatments at slightly higher levels than the comparison group.

Side Effects and Toxicity

The only side effects so far noted from the autogenous vaccination are occasional redness or rashes at the site of injection, which can be eliminated by changing the dosage levels.


In February 1990 the California Department of Health Services issued an order to the Livingston Foundation Medical Center Clinic, which is the only place offering the Livingston therapy, to stop administering and prescribing the autogenous vaccine. The clinic continues to operate and offers patients treatment with vaccines based on PC cultures, together with the diet and other elements in the program, but, in compliance with the cease and desist order, no longer gives the autogenous vaccine. Information on contacting the clinic is given in the appendix.

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