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Liver flush results so far...! :) by Miss Scarletwhiskers ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   10/20/2003 9:55:06 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Hey guys!

Technically, the Liver Flush that I did last night would have been my fifth, however I haven't done one since last spring so I am just going to start over and call this flush #1, since I plan on doing them on a regular basis from now until all the little bastards are out of me!

The real first and second flush I did were VERY productive, then the third and fourth had ZERO stones. I got frustrated and quit for awhile. (Sure wish I didn't!)

Last night, as I was preparing my olive oil and lemon concoction, I accidentally poured a bunch of the lemon juice out of the jar and into the sink when I was trying to de-seed the juice! Yikes! I didn't have any more lemons and it was the perfect amount!

So I had to go with about 1/2 the lemon juice (so about a 1/4 cup with about 3/4 cup olive oil. Usually I enjoy drinking this mix, but last night it was reeeeaaaallly grody.

So as I lay down in the dark ready to sleep, I didn't notice anything for awhile. I just expected it to be like my other cleanses where I didn't notice or feel a thing happening. Boy, was I wrong!

Suddenly, after a few minutes went by, I noticed a feeling rising up in the liver/gallbladder region. First of all, I'll have you know that I've been getting nighttime anxiety for awhile now. It feels like a very physically based anxiety that keeps me awake and often will even make me shiver and panic.

Well, as this feeling arose in the liver/gallbladder area, the anxiety feeling I know so well slowly rose up along with the physical movement in this area. It was like the anxiety feeling was completely one and the same with the physical feeling. I then felt (what I know were stones) move out of my liver and into my intestines! The anxiety and fear moved WITH the stones (as if they were one and the same), and they slid out of my liver/gallbladder and into the exit route!

I must admit, it felt a little scary, and a little too real so I just chanted a prayer over and over again to keep myself from panicking.

Then I felt the anxiety lift. A few minutes later I got the spins. I don't think I have had spins like this since after a long night of partying in college! I am talking CRAZY CARNIVAL RIDE spins. It was actually kinda fun until the anxiety resurfaced again right after that. But I just softly prayed until it had passed. I then started shivering a whole bunch and felt really cold. But this passed, too.

I must have laid awake, unable to sleep for many hours. It seemed like things were going on from time to time still in the liver/gallbladder area. The panic would rise up and slowly leave me periodically.

But I survived, and it's about 9:45 now and I've already gotten out about a hundred stones. There were a few good sized ones (nickel in width) but most were pretty small, and all were kelly green and STINKY AS HELL!

It's been too long since I've experienced that "burn't rubber" smell!!! >:0

Well, I must get ready to drink down that awful last Epsom Salt drink! I want to sincerely THANK the person that suggested using STEVIA to sweeten it with. It's still gross, but I don't gag anymore at least!

I'll keep ya posted!



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