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This a pic of Max, the surfing dog, and our mutual good friend, Dave, who passed on in June 08.

”I trust the process of life.
I’m on an endless journey thru eternity,
I have plenty of time.”
Dave Chalmers

The Singularity of Actualized Design

Rather than thinking that our interactions are positive or negative attraction activites, we might see them as more of a puzzle pieces relationship, and how these confused, irregular, multiangulared energies are unavoidable compared, tested for fit and finally found to be syncable or not. Ready for harmonius dissposition or not. An oftentimes predestined and particular set of groupings but evan being neutral or situationally purposed,
so that on some future track, the singularity of actualized design might be enjoyed.

Nursey School World

Many view this physical continuum as a kindergarden land for dinosaurs, with no expectation of change, seeing as how it is working quite well at its function.

At each focused perception, call it a mind state, call it a dimension, there is an assumption that dissolves with the expansion of awareness taking it’s place, maturing each limitation untill no thing exists as was ever known previously.

Continually what ever we are holding onto will be our security and our enemy, our freedom and our bondage, which simultaneously creates and hides illusion, untill we finally live the process of accepting life and its mystery so fully, we are awakened into the ever continuing present, beyond mundane satisfaction, where in knowing enough to relax and finally completly let go, dilemma ceases, and we know love, and that no thing can exist seperate from that experience.


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