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As of 7/30/07
58 year old female
Height - 5'6"
Weight - No way I'm telling that.
Stopped smoking March 1, 2007 (smoked for 17 years)

Diagnosed w/ Lupus w/ rheumatoid symptoms of pain and swelling in early 90's.

After years of strict compliance to medical doctors, and basically being left for crazy or dead, I became so ill with suicidal pain that I started researching on my own.

Currently, I am on disability and Medicade so I have to see a typical MD for regular checkups to continue assistance, but am working hard to get away from all the drugs and to get myself completely well ... no remission ... well!!!

Over the journey, I have (gradually and on my own) discontinued prednisone, anti-inflammatories, aspirin, anti-depressants. I am taking 3 meds for high blood pressure (HBP) (Micardis, Toprol XL, and Clonidine), but I'm doing all sorts of cleanses (liver, LBB, Master Cleanse, Heavy Metal) and remedies (CALM - magnesium something or other, COQ10, Iodine, H2O2, oil pulling to name a few) to try and get off this nasty stuff. Without the meds, my BP is 200/110 and higher.

I'm currently having difficulty walking because of pain and swelling. It's either a healing crisis or toxicity from all these meds or some of each. Sheesh!

For now, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

P.S. My life reads like episodes out of "I Love Lucy." Based on real life happenings, I've written a few dozen comedy short stories and no, I'm not published. 
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Iodine Supplementation
Oil Pulling
Master Cleanse 

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