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I do lots of stuff like sungazing, water fasting, dry fasting, and old ancient fun practices. I have a book called ”quantum touch” and I hope to learn this skill. I am also researching breatharian-ism, also known as LOL - Living On Light through physical and spiritual purifications. My goal is to become a raw vegan, then fruitarian, and eventually a breatharian (no food consumtion at all), if it is possible? My attitude is to keep an open mind, that anything is possible, and that the random person you talk to on the bus might just be an enlightened spiritual avatar in the flesh!

My favorite foods are sunlight (contains all colors= vitamins= vibrations= quantum theory), goji/wolf berries, coconuts, seaweed, brazil nuts, wheatgrass, wild berries that grow in the city parks/ rasberries, mulberries, gooseberries, and strawberries.

My favorite books...
Arnold Ehret/fasting= ,
Richard Gordon= ,
Leonard Orr/rebirthing= ,
Bob Frissell/Flower of Life/rebirthing= ,
Drunvalo Melchizedek= ,
Hilton Hotema = ”Man’s Higher Consciousness” ,

favorite websites =
My Favorite Forums
ask barefoot mh, bowel cleanse, liver cleanse, sungazing, breatharian-ism, water fasting, juice fasting 
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