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I have had Candida since June 06 and tried everything possible,organic foods a must,no fruit or wheat or gluton. There is a site for free counsling and the free book to download,but I suggest you send for itbecause it is better to have in your hand to read.This program is gauranteed to kill this monster which destoys your life. I have it in my throat and food gets stuck and blisters in my mouth, with burning and even in my head.Anyone else who is sufferring like this also my eyes burn at times and blurr vision.People need to start a support group in there home town, probably a lot more out here close by.Any open suggestions .I am on Three Lac but so far no results.I also tryed VSL3 450 billion probotics replaces the good bacteria,youcan but it online.Mysurgeon pgave me steroids for inflamtion inmy face and it set me back pretty bad.I had my tonsils removed becauseof sleep apena and it is the sorriest thing I could ever have done. If your a surivior pleae let me know how you did it. Crying widoweveryday. 

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