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I am not on here very much anymore so I wanted to give a list of some of what helped me because I have recieved so many emails asking about everything. Everyone’s journey is different and only you and your holistic MD know what will work for you. Here are some resources that have helped me. Thanks to all the CZ’s who helped me through the rough points, especially Jessesmom. I still use a lot of the following resources. to order MMS and Terramin Mineral Clay order Colonix and Toxinout (2 mo’s worth of each) for ionic detox footbath plates to make one at home

I also like :
Michael’s Adrenal Xtra
Healthforce Intestinal Drawing Cleanse formula
Whole Foods Thyroid Support
any good friendly flora/probiotic
MMS- take one activated drop per day for 2 months then gradually increase
Reverse Osmosis water
Stem Enhance from
Enterolabs stool testing to find out what is wrong
Vegan raw diet until you are well
Raw veggie juice fasts

To achieve optimum health do a holistic dental cleanup. Get checked for hypoglycemia, diabetes and hormonal imbalances too and treat them through a holistic MD’s recommendations.

Juice Liver Cleanse Recipe:
Juice 1 cucumber, 1beet, 1 lemon, add 2 Tablespoons cold pressed olive oil
--Take first thing in the morning on empty stomach every day until well then once a week at least

I maintain that MMS saved my life and kicked me out of debilitating chronic fatigue so yes, to all your inquiries, it made all the difference for me. I did it in conjunction with a holistic health program. You have to start with just one drop a day for a couple months then increase drops when you are able to handle the current doseage.

God bless and get well soon.


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