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Life has it’s ups and downs and then for some reason it can be completely be turned upside down, inside out and then go downhill rapidly.

This is what has happened in my life in the past 5 yrs.:

My family was attacked by MRSA that manifested itself as extremely large flesh eating boils.
This infection nearly took all of our lives and especially our oldest son within a few days.

We not only survived this, but we won the victory ourselves naturally.

Next, I got Lyme, but I didn’t realize that the rash I had was a Lyme rash until I became symptomatic.
I consider myself recovered, though I will maintain diligence with my health protocol and be careful not to let my guard down.

Then, I broke out with lesions all over my body that had moving, burning, and biting fibers in them.
I knew that this wasn’t normal since the body did not have an infection response which told me that the immune system did not recognize it as being biological.

I later found out that I was dealing with Morgellons.
Thankfully, I fully recovered naturally.

And then, I got another form of Morgellons in nose, eyes ears and brain.
I am almost recovered again.

As you can see, it has been a difficult path for our family and we consider ourselves to be very blessed to recover and this is why I am here, to help as many people as possible to recover also.

Fast forwarding:

We now help people worldwide to defeat MRSA, Lyme and Morgellons.
While I may never understand why these things have happened to my self and family, God is faithful to carry us through the storms.

During one of my prayer times with the Lord, I asked him why He has brought our family through so many horrible things and we recover so wonderfully while so many people suffer?

I wasn’t prepared for His answer, “I didn’t do this for your family only, I did it so that you would take it to the multitudes that I love, everyone!” Now we are on a mission from God!

Our recoveries came about by fervent prayer, relentless research and a willingness to invest in the most valuable earthly possession, our health.

He is our Great Physician and we are forever grateful to Him.

God bless you all,

Eagles Wings
Ps. 23

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