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Working to save the world.

Mission Statement:

The Citizens Committee for Restructured Government (CCRG) consist of talented and diverse research personnel dedicated to exposing the major issues plaguing our world, as well as presenting and providing only the most efficient and efficacious solutions regarding technologies, philosophies, and economies that will help to ensure survivability and sustainability of present, as well as future generations.

In the process of our work, we have uncovered many atrocities that can only be described as criminally insane and downright evil. The perpetrators are mostly in our government and in big corporations. While many of us focus on material wealth and superficial purpose in life, it is also important to know that our existence hangs by a thread. Ignorance as to the life-threatening issues that plague our society seem to be the rule and not the exception. This must change or the quality of life as we know it will cease to exist. There are signs everywhere, but many of us our too busy to look. This is a major reason why " divide and conquer " is the strategy of our enemies, and they are real good at it.

Through the manipulation of the media, our health, economic, environmental, and educational infrastructures, we all face the greatest challenge within our nation, ever.

Have you noticed that not one presidential candidate has publicly or privately stated that they have a plan to take our nation off of the oil standard? In today's age we have highly advanced technolgoy such as particle accelerators, probes to the outer reaches of our solar system, nano-technology, lasers, fiber optics, highly advanced integrated circuits, and stealth technology. We beg you ask all the candidates to justify why, in the midst of all the available technology, we are still burning dinosaur meat in our cars?

See our energy section for proof that for generations we've had technology to do otherwise. You will see an electromagnetic engine car, that if implemented, will take our country off of the oil standard, substantially reduce pollution, and create many desperately needed jobs that will help get our nation get back on the track of prosperity, and not it’s destruction.

You will also see a section on the "Franklin Cover-Up ". In the late 1980's my friend and colleague former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp, uncovered a horrific mystery that involves many of our nation's children.

The list of government sponsored atrocities we expose is rather extensive. At present there are enough chemical, biological, nuclear, and anti-proton weapons to destroy the Earth over 100 times. Does this sound like sane national security policy to you? Trillions in national debt, billion dollar “ bailout “ plans for wall street execs, environmental degradation, horrific and unnecessary animal experimentation, all while people around the world and in our own country starve and are ill and in poverty.

We at the C.C.R.G. claim to have more solutions to the issues plaguing our world than any other individual or organization. 'Till this day we have never been successfully challenged. If you know of anyone that has a better plan, please let us know at your earliest convenience and we will dissolve our organization and join the organization with the best solution.

Many of our enemies have switched sides, once they realize what they truly represent. Federal agents and operatives once sent to monitor and terminate my existence, have now become allies. We are all responsible for each other and the world that will be left behind for future generations. 
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