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I am a currently 35 y/o woman living in the north of germany :)
After i ve changed my diet to plantbased low fat high carb vegan in 2012 i ran into some problems. PPL who r not pro plantbased might say its coz of the way i eat (missing some nutrients .... calcium : cow puss, good cholesterol : hens period , iron : animals liver ) .... u know what i m talking about ;)

But for me at that point i was just Iodine deficient coz i didnt use iodized salt neither seaweed.

Results been : i began to have boob pain 1-2 weeks before my period and my TSH started to rise. After 1 year vegan they were up to 3,6 (where as before they were 1,3).

I ve contacted Don Bennett (fruitarian who did a lot of research about iodine) and came here and did some other research and started taking Iodine (12,5 mg ) in October/November 2013. May 2014 (meanwhile taking 100mg) my TSH was down to 1,9 (i believe) and my boobs didnt hurt anymore.

Lowerd my dosage to 12,5 mg ( BIG mistake) ... TSH rose again and my boobs started to hurt again. Started taking 100mg again in September 2014 i believe.

Boob pain is not all gone again but TSH already dropped again.

Never really had bad detox. Never had an AHA moment (aka: the fog is gone) ....

Just as i started taking iodine i felt a big jittery in the mornings. That went away after a while.

And a few weeks ago (March 2015) i felt dizzy for a few weeks after taking lugols (empty stomach 100 mg ) . I might ve detoxed some lighter halides someone saaid here.... and he might ve been right ;) ... at least i didnt have this vertigo the last 1-2 weeks... i guess its over... we ll see

Update : its August 2016 by now. But i took some notes on a piece of paper which i ll copy here now. Just as a diary ;)

OK so.... in May Juni 2015 i ve started taking Potassium Iodide only. My TSH was 2,25 at that time. It must have been this Potassium Iodide (really good grade... i got compliments for it here by trapper) that i ve orderd on ebay from the UK.
I used to mix it with distilled water and took that for a few months

But my boob pain reappeard in Summer 2015.

At this point i was kinda wanting to stop thoose high dosages of iodine. (dont ask why haha) But my body taught me wrong. I m thankful for that, coz otherwise i d just have stopped and kept doing what i m gonna write about now.

SO... End of september i started taking Kelp. Organic Kelp from either norway or canada (i dont remember) and i took 2000mc worth daily in a smoothie.

Didnt work at all.

Ended up with 12,5,g Lugols and Iodoral (took both) in November 2015. This Lugols was a 5% lugols solution from a laboratory in germany.
I ve had the impression it didnt work. I ve kept taking that untill February/March 2015. But by then my boobies even hurt BEFORE my period.

Middle of March i ve started taking some Potassium Iodide pills i stil used to have here. Each worth 50mg Iodide.

Damnit... i ve stopped taking notes but let me think.

I ve recently started my second bottle of J Crows Lugols (yea i went back to that coz it worked best for me) . 1 bottle lasts about 2 months. Lets say 2,5 months i m on Lugols again. 50 mg in the morning along with ACV. Sometimes i take 12,5 mg (left over) Iodoral during the day or Potassium Iodide from NOW worth 30mg. But not daily. Also i have an iodine pause at thw Weekends (in case i didnt mention that earlier, i m always having a break of iodine on saturday and sunday).

I am taking Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in capsules 2-3 g daily, a Multivitamin by Paradise called earths Blend (orac energy without iron) and Selenomethionine 100mcg (since the Multi Supplement already contains 70mcg of other selenium)

i also take douzens of other supplements.

B2 and B3 are in the Multivitamin product.

SO what can i say.... the boob pain is not all gone again but i d say its less.
I am sure it would be totally gone again if i d take 100mg as i did in 2014 (i believe) but so far i was hoping 50-65 / 80 mg would be enough.

This is second cycle now (or third?....) i ve had my ovulation a few days ago... no pain yet... i keep u guys updates.

TSH i havent checked since a while now. Last time it was pretty lowish. 0, something. 0.3 ??? (almost hyper? haha).....

maybe i ll get another bloodwork done in Winter.

my basal body temperature is 37 degrees celsius (which is GOOD)

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