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My Interests
To educate people that water in its present state is no longer able to provide enough hydration and oxygen to keep our bodies healthy.

The chemical state of our water has been affected by the industrialization of the planet. It no longer posesses the chemical balance required to be accessible to our cells. This is why we absorb less than 10% of the water we drink and why 94% of us are chronically dehydrated.

Detoxification is solely dependent on the body's ability to hydrate. Look at the countless medical problems reaching epidemic proportions that didn't exist 50 years ago. Our bodies have become more & more toxic with less & less ability to flush toxins out. We are simply not able to chemically balance enough water to compensate for the toxic world we live in.

Take note of the state of our immune systems and how they lack the ability to defend us from disease. The immune system's primary resource to survive and thrive is oxygen.

Quantum Age Water has proven that drinking water balanced with StirwandTM technology is every bit as vital to human health as breathing oxygen through our lungs. Balanced water may very well be the best preventative medicine there is, as it saturates all of our cells with oxygen.

My Personal Testimonial
I discovered Stirwands in the early 2008 and they have already dramatically changed the health and wellbeing of my family. Despite my already healthy lifestyle, I didn't know how good it would feel to be hydrated-I didn't even know I was dehydrated until I discovered Quantum Age Water and Stirwands.

My husband has a strong athletic background; he played Goalie for Team Canada's Men's Water Polo Team for 8 years, has played professionally in Italy and Australia, and has competed around the world his entire life. His passion for sports and fitness remain strong and, like many athletes, Garrett has always searched for the "thing" that could provide a competitive edge. The increased hydration from drinking stirred water has helped Garrett push the envelope in his workout regimen; he almost immediately noticed increased stamina during his workouts and his endurance continues to improve. He also finds his recovery very minimal after an intense workout.

I (Amy) am a busy mother of three running a successful home-based business. Since starting to drink "stirred" water, I have noticed a significant improvement in my energy level, my mental acuity, and focus. Sleep is deep and more restful, and I am much less anxious. My skin has completely cleared up; the acne and bumpy skin that has haunted me for years has completely disappeared.

Our children also drink stirred water. Before Stirwands, we could never get our children to drink water, no matter how we explained the importance of it. Now, they demand it-their little bodies recognize that balanced, energized water is actually being absorbed and used by their cells. Besides their increased focus at school and decreased irritability, I have also noticed they seem brighter and more happy. I am relieved to know that their cells are constantly being bathed and flushed by hydrating, energized water and because of that, they have an excellent chance at a healthy, thriving life-even in our toxic world.

Visit to learn more about Quantum Age Water Stirwands. 
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