Are these Parasites, flatworms or something else? Food?

Are these Parasites, flatworms or something else? Food?
Are these Parasites, flatworms or something else? Food?

My story:
After losing an unexplained 30 pounds and experiencing severe belly button pain with extreme fatigue, I began noticing other odd symptoms.

The white lunula was gone on my finger nails and a wave effect on the thumbs.
My palms were orange.
My hair has been falling out on my head.
A burning sensation began in my veins.
I began an internet search for an answer.
A B12 deficiency came up for the missing lunula and listed a cause for parasites. Hmm....

I could barely function hour to hour.

I didn't know what to do for a 'flush' or 'cleanse' and I was too tired to leave so this intestinal cleanse was with cayenne pepper, raw garlic clove, and some salt with water. I ended consumption of: bread products, mushrooms, refined sugar, cheese, soda, coffee, tea, and limited milk intake immediately.

After two days I 'checked' to see what was going on. I have had two doctors say the objects in the photo are nothing. One said it is,"fiber," and that parasites are not seen with the naked eye - only tape worms.

The other said, "Food does funny things." Hmm.... The flat ones are rubbery, some have antenna features, some look to have legs, other flippers and soft shells. The upper right quadrant looks like a shrimp or kind of like strongylus monospinigerum. The critter below it looks like vexillifera bacillipedes trophozoite fish disease. The lower left quadrant looks like an annelid worm spionid polychaetes - as commented by some web sites it has a link with Morgellon's disease.

BUT again, my Doc says parasites don't get this big - and it's fiber. The center object - flipper-with-tail items look like horseshoe crab or kingcrab limulas flatworms (bdelloura candida ectocommenssalion - the bodies are off to the right. Center left I see something that looks like diclobothriide fish disease. Please look at the close ups. I'm looking for resolve within myself as to whether these are really "fiber" as my Dr. stated or if they are parasites but uncommon or newly emerging parasites. I have kept all specimens that I have taken photos of - in alcohol. The bottom right (big flat thing) I'm taking another guess at a tetraonchidae phylum platyhelminth - a specimen that is parasitic OR free-living. I had something in this shape under my scalp that literally moved into my facial cheek bone and then disappeared. No re-occurance of anything under the skin has been observed since. At that same time I also had a small black line appear under my fingernail and in that same day it too disappeared.

I have never had anything like this ever happen before. I want to resolve the difference between my intuition and what my doctor is saying - and am seeking advice.
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Are these Parasites, flatworms or something else? Food?

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