Does anyone know what kind of parasite this is ?

Does anyone know what kind of parasite this is ?
Ive been passing these strange parasites it started off about 7 months ago I noticed I hadnít ate any corn for dinner or had I in months but had looked as though I had by my bowel movements after first noticed was like that every time but then noticed my stools moving around in towel they would flip or wiggle but mostly they all start pulling back together I guess the way they were in my intestines before I expelled them but every time I go same then started seeing big long things in em kinda looked yellowish but some are grey and sum are red some are flat kinda sum arenít but they have these things they use on their heads I believe that they can stretch out and grab stuff which or pull them selves around idk but i was thinking tapeworm but then would I be passing hundreds of tapeworms a day is that possible ? Please help if anyone can or knows about this kind of thing my heart hearts and my lungs headaches sometimes I have albenzedole medication but have not took it yet because Iím afraid if I have them in my eternal organs an take the meds that they will cause inflammation and I die could be in my brain Iím scared but also I know the meds say not to go around anyone sick after taking and with the pandemic Iím afraid Iíll put my self at risk to catching virus if I take the albenzedole due to I already have a auto immune disorder if these were tapeworms wouldnít I be losing weight? Iíve gained 15 pds. and Iím always hungry Iíve done home remedies garlic turmeric coconut oil coconut also pineapple carrots and pumpkin seeds I did some over the counter Reese medicine all which helped expel worms but I still not rid of them . ☹️
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Does anyone know what kind of parasite this is ?

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