Black Magic Removal Expert in Bangalore & Center Of Natural Healing

Black Magic Removal Expert in Bangalore & Center Of Natural Healing
“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience”
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Holistic Spiritual Healing Solution

Human beings are not mere bodies but sentient creatures, we are connected to the source of energy upon which all of creation is credited. The earth is just a physical realm that we see and feel with our senses, however there are realms beyond the perception of the human mind that effect the way our lives pan out. These are called spiritual realms. Just like how humans and animals and trees inhabit the physical realm, there are corresponding spiritual beings who are always guiding us and helping us out.

I am a descendent of a family of experts in spiritual healing therapy. I am blessed with energy healing capabilities due to my mystic sufi roots. There are many titles that my happy clients have bestowed me with- be it holistic doctor, alternative therapy doctor, expert in spiritual care etc but I would like to go with mystic healer as my primary identity and I am putting myself out here on the world wide web to benefit anyone who has stumbled upon this page. Here is an interview of me to help you understand this better.

What is spiritual healing therapy?

Let me give you the example of a car, unless you sit and drive the car will it move on its own? no. Similarly your body is just a vehicle driven by the spirit within. While you see and experience reality based on the world you live in- the spirit within you or your subconscious is capable of seeing and knowing a lot more. With limited intelligence, not all human beings can tap into their spirit or the source and are unaware of the powers it possesses. Spiritual healing therapy connects the human spirit to the source of all energy- whether you call it God or Allah or Krishna, the source spirit is a treasure of positive energy and holistic well being and health. I am a medium that can connect your spirit with the soul and heal you from any kind of ailment.

What is your speciality?
There are a lot of different ways of healing and alternative medicine that is available these days like reiki, pranic healing, crystal healing etc. However what I practice is mystical healing, it is a superior form of holistic healing or metaphysical spiritual healing where without seeing or touching I am able to connect a person’s inner spirit to the source energy and replenish their health. Usually through a call or just by seeing a recently clicked photograph. I am considered one of the best spiritual healers in the world however this is the first time I am coming on the internet to talk about my healing therapy and so far I was healing people through being recommended by my clients by word of mouth. I want to dedicate my life to healing as many people as I can because that is what my family had been doing for generations and I find great joy in alleviating someone’s pain. I even heal healers who face blockages and energy drain after multiple healings.

What does spiritual healing therapy do?
It is like a holistic energy medicine that heals a person from within. Human beings suffer from most ailments because they originate in the mind and manifest in the body. Medicines usually take care of the manifestation, never the root cause. Spiritual healing therapy is an all natural healing and spiritual cure that targets the mind or the subconscious and revitalises a person. It makes the mind healthy in order to manifest a healthy body. It is absolutely safe and permanently addresses the root cause of any kind of physical ailment.

What are some of the ailments that spiritual healing therapy can cure?
Any and every problem. However, I have healed thousands of people with cases of – arthritis, neck pain , back pain relief, pain management, knee pain relief, nerve pain, chronic pain, ankle pain, arm pain, pinched nerve in back, pinched nerve, chronic leg pain treatment, overcoming chronic pain, chronic period
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Black Magic Removal Expert in Bangalore & Center Of Natural Healing

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