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Gallstones formation: Anatomy: Gallstones. Liver, Gallbledder, Common bile duct, Duodenum, Pancreas, gallstones

Liver, Gallbladder, Common bile duct, Duodenum, Pancreas

Liver Cleanse - Gallbladder Cleanse
Gallstones Cleanse


Gall stone?
Gallstones disease?
Gallbladder attack?
Food intolerance?
bowel problems?
Fatty Liver?
Liver diseases?

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 Liver Flush Recipes
different recipes for cleansing liver and gall bladder:

  1. "Dr. Hulda Clark's" Liver Cleanse and Gallbladder Flush Recipe - this recipe is the most popular because it is one of the best of all liver flush recipes (for majority of people) - tens of thousands have done this flush with no problems, most likely this recipe evolved from the recipe used by Hanna Kroeger in her book: "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves"!

  2.  William Donald Kelley's Liver Flush protocol - from "One Answer to Cancer" - similar to recipe explained by Hulda Clark, but, this one was published in his book more then 20 years ago!

  3. "Dr. Claude M. Lewis" Cleanse from: "Are you 'Stoned'?" Relatively new book...

  4. Liver Flush Protocol with Ortophosphoric Acid and apple juice

  5. "Classic Coke" Liver Flush and Gallbladder Cleanse.

  6. Gallstones Cleanse from "Cleansing or Surgery" book. New book

  7. 1 pint Olive Oil Liver Cleanse - flush
  8. Liver & Gallbladder Flush -  7day program
  9. Recipe told by grandma Nada Old recipe - very simple

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers are illustrated with over 350 personal stories!

  1. SURGERY!!! Reasons needed for avoiding gallbladder removal?
  2. SURGERY! Is it safe to do liver cleanse following gallbladder removal?
  3. STONE STUCK in duct ... Can the flush help?
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  1. ANALYZED STONES - GALLSTONES? ... Liver Stones being analyzeed?
  2. ATTACK ! ..HELP! Gallstones Attack! Pain ... What can I do?
  3. ATTACK! .... Can I suffer gallstones attack while doing liver cleanse?
  4. bowel cleanse first before gall bladder flush?
  5. CALCIFIED STONES? Is there anyone who flushed calcified stones?
  6. Can oil that we drink, lubricate bile ducts?
  7. Children! .... Can Children cleanse liver and gallbladder?
  8. CHOLESTEROL (High) and doing a Liver Flush ?
  9. CITRUS ALLERGY ... Can I use non-citric fruit juice when doing flush?
  10. Colors? ... Gallstone Colors ? What do the colors indicate?
  11. Diabetes! ... Is it safe for Diabetics to do liver cleanse?
  12. DOCTOR! ... positive feedback from their doctors about doing liver flush?
  13. Dyeing to know the answer!!!!!!
  14. EPSOM SALTS? What are Epsom Salts ? Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrat?
  15. extreme diarrhoea with 1st flush - are epsom salts really necessary?
  16. Fatty and/or enlarged liver? What can I do?
  17. FEAR! ... I am affraid to do cleanse ? Help me ?
  18. Gallbladder flush confusion?
  19. Has anyone had an ultrasound before & after a cleanse and had positive results?
  20. Has anyone here completely cleaned out their liver from stones?
  21. Herbs to help the cleanse to be more successful?
  22. How do we know that stones are formed inside liver?
  23. How Gallstones Are Formed?
  24. HYPERTENSION! ... Can I use Epsom Salts if I suffer from High Blood Pressure?
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  27. Liver Enzymes, can liver cleanse help?
  28. Liver Flush - Quackery or Reliable Remedy?
  29. Liver stones or just some formations of oil mixed with body juices?
  30. liver supplements-capsules or extract?
  31. NO FLUSH! Can you get stones out without flushing liver?
  32. NO GALLBLADDER! ... where did this stone come from? I don't have gallbladder?
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  34. Nursing a newborn and doing a flush?
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  36. Olive Oil and Malic Acid Questions?
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  39. possible solutions to flush problems - (my personal opinions)
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  41. SAFETY ????
  42. SICK? COLD? Should I cleanse when I have a cold?
  43. sixteen year old daughter stuck stone!!!!!
  44. SIZE? How big is Gallbladder? How much bile can Gallbladder hold?
  45. STONE STUCK in duct ... Can the flush help?
  46. SUCCESS! Stories - Curing Diseases With Liver Flush?
  47. SURGERY! Is it safe to do liver cleanse following gallbladder removal?
  48. SURGERY!!! Reasons needed for avoiding gallbladder removal?
  49. ulrasound showed stones remaining after 3 flushes?
  50. Ultrasound showed no stones-Will a flush still produce stones?
  51. Weightloss? Can liver flush help?
  52. What do I use to break up stones before flush?
  53. What happened to the 1/2 cup of olive oil that I drank the night before?
  54. What is biliary sludge?
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  56. Why won't my stones come out with the flush?
  57. Will removal of gallbladder get rid of intrahepatic stones?

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Gradual Liver / gallbladder Cleansing

Those cleansing procedues can be done several times a week, regardless if you are flushing or not.

Liver Health & Gallstones

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Did you know ?

This is what you get if you do liver cleanse:

Result of Liver/gallbladder Flush. All the stones you can see on this photo, were inside Liver - inside bile ducts (intrahepatic bile ducts) or inside Gallbladder. Click on the image to see hundreds of other photos. 
( 36mm Fuji Film Cassette is here only to give you size perspective! Diameter of the Cassette is 25mm that is approximately 1 inch! The longest stone on this photo (one that is cut - to the right) was exactly the same length.

Read those e-mails:

#1 How I removed my gallstones without doctors,  surgery or medication

#2 How I removed my gallstones without doctors,  surgery or medication 

Here is an example of intrahepatic obstruction with a small stone in an intrahepatic bile duct:

Gallbladder surgically removed:

Numerous gallstones inside gallbladder - It is possible for a stone to exit the gallbladder via the cystic duct. It may then produce obstruction of cystic duct, or it may get into the common bile duct and obstruct that. It may obstruct at the ampulla of Vater and produce a pancreatitis. Biliary tract obstruction leads to jaundice with increased total and direct bilirubin in serum . Gall stones

Gall Stones


This photo was obtained from Edward C. Klatt MD, University of Utah Health Science Center, which retains the copyright. Multiple yellow-tan faceted gallstones are seen in the opened gallbladder pictured here.

It is possible for a stone to exit the gallbladder via the cystic duct. It may then produce obstruction of cystic duct, or it may get into the common bile duct and obstruct that. It may obstruct at the ampulla of Vater and produce a pancreatitis. Biliary tract obstruction leads to jaundice with increased total and direct bilirubin in serum .

Judging from the size of the stones, and  from the number, those stones have been created inside liver, inside hepatic bile ducts, and then have rolled down to the gallbladder.

People who have such a small stones inside gallbladder, can easily cleanse them with gallstones cleanse.

When your gallbladder is so full of stones, you can count that you already have at least 2000 stones inside your liver !

Note: Gallstones are not only green in color. They can be of any color !

Gallstones Cleanse - Flush  Recipe - Reflexsology chart - Lemon-Olive Oil drink - Gallstones Story The Third View - Blood Type Diet - Disclaimer - Castor Oil Packs - Flax seed oil

Those Stories have ben taken from the Archive of  Gallstones E-mail Support group.
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Images from 

Cholesterol Gallstones

Cholesterol Gallstones This is a gallbladder that has been opened after its removal to reveal hundreds of cholesterol gallstones. It is no wonder that some would intermittently leave the gallbladder and cause pain or other complications. People who have such a small stones inside gallbladder, can easily cleanse them with gallstones cleanse.

Cholesterol Gallstones/Cholesterolosis

Cholesterol Gallstones/Cholesterolosis The small yellow speckles (arrow) within the lining of the gallbladder are called cholesterolosis. This may represent a precursor to stone formation, and can by itself be associated with symptoms insome patients. People who have such a small stones inside gallbladder, can easily cleanse them with gallstones cleanse.

Pigment Stones

Pigment Stones Pigment Stones The black specks within this gallbladder are pigment stones. These are the types of stones seen in patients with hemolysis of red blood cells from parenteral nutrition, infection, or the malnutrition of cirrhosis.

Mixed Stones

Mixed Stones Pigment These large stones have likely been in the gallbladder for a long time. They consist of a mixture of cholesterol and bile pigments. While they usually don't pass out of the gallbladder, they can erode through the wall and may represent a risk for gallbladder cancer.

Calcium Carbonate Stones

Calcium Carbonate Stones gallstones gallstone Here you see several white stones within the neck of the gallbladder. One, in fact, is stuck in the cystic duct (arrow) and likely led to an episode of acute cholecystitis. These are limestones, and are easily seen on a plain film of the abdomen. Most gallstones cannot be seen in this way.

Mercedes Benz Stone

Calcium Carbonate Stones gallstones gallstone Do you see the "trademark" that lends this stone its distinguishing characteristic? The cynic amongst you might associate the nomenclature with the lifestyle of surgeons that perform numerous cholecystectomies, one of the most common major operations performed in America. It is important to remember that over half of patients who have gallstones have no symptoms from them. However, once symptoms occur, they tend to progress. 






Basket  - Basket What you see here is a stone that has been trapped in a device called a basket. The basket with the intact stone is being withdrawn from the bile duct. Basket is used to withdraw the stone attached.

Stenosing Papillitis

Stenosing Papillitis  - Stenosing Papillitis  The papilla (a protrusion into the lumen of the duodenum, arrow).

It is an Ascaris, a very common intestinal parasite that likes to live in the bile ducts. Its migration in and out of the papilla causes an intense inflammation and fibrosis in some people. In fact, the passage of gallstones can cause the same thing; a disease called stenosing papillitis.

What do these people complain of?

They complain of recurrent episodes of severe upper abdominal pain, and may develop jaundice and fever, or other signs of cholangitis or pancreatitis. When the formation of scar tissue is advanced, they may develop a very large bile duct, and stones and strictures within the proximal biliary tree.


Laparascopic Cholycystectomy

Laparascopic Cholycystectomy Laparascopic Cholycystectomy Dr. MacFadyen: I like to perform a laparoscopic cholecystectomy through the placement of small tubes called ports that are placed into the abdomen once it is distended with carbon dioxide. The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia. The port at the lower end of the picture allows the passage of a camera into the abdomen. At the right upper aspect of the picture you see the insertion of a working port that allows passage of operating instruments. There are two additional ports on the right side of the abdomen that are used for manipulating the gallbladder during its removal. If you look below you will see what a good view we get of the gallbladder on the television screen.

Laparascopic Cholycystectomy   acute cholecystitis Dr. MacFadyen: As you can see, she clearly has acute cholecystitis. The region of the neck of the gallbladder and cystic duct appears readily accessible. We should be able to remove the gallbladder safely.

acutely inflamed gallbladder acutely inflamed gallbladder acutely inflamed gallbladder  Here we are looking through an incision below the right costal margin. What you see here is an acutely inflamed gallbladder (arrow). In contrast to laparoscopic removal, which is from the cystic duct towards the fundus, in the open procedure, we remove the gallbladder from the top down towards its junction with the bile duct. This approach allows one to precisely identify the junction of the gallbladder to the latter structure.


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Gallstones Cleanse - Flush  Recipe

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You can cleanse your Liver even if you do not have a Gallbladder!

Gallbladder operation is the most common operation in North America.
Every year, more than half a million people in the United States and  more than 50,000 people in Canada undergo surgery to remove their gallbladders because of gallstones.

Approximately 80% of all gallstones show no symptoms and may remain "silent" for years."

More than 90 % of Americans will in their life develop some of these problems: Ulcerative Colitis, Leukemia, Chron's disease, Cardiovascular diseases, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Tumors, Allergies, Arthritis, Cancer...


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