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Here is an example of intrahepatic obstruction with a small stone in an intrahepatic bile duct:



Gallbladder surgically removed:

Numerous gallstones inside gallbladder - It is possible for a stone to exit the gallbladder via the cystic duct. It may then produce obstruction of cystic duct, or it may get into the common bile duct and obstruct that. It may obstruct at the ampulla of Vater and produce a pancreatitis. Biliary tract obstruction leads to jaundice with increased total and direct bilirubin in serum . Gall stones

Gall Stones


This photo was obtained from Edward C. Klatt MD, University of Utah Health Science Center, which retains the copyright. Multiple yellow-tan faceted gallstones are seen in the opened gallbladder pictured here.

It is possible for a stone to exit the gallbladder via the cystic duct. It may then produce obstruction of cystic duct, or it may get into the common bile duct and obstruct that. It may obstruct at the ampulla of Vater and produce a pancreatitis. Biliary tract obstruction leads to jaundice with increased total and direct bilirubin in serum .

Judging from the size of the stones, and  from the number, those stones have been created inside liver, inside hepatic bile ducts, and then have rolled down to the gallbladder.

People who have such a small stones inside gallbladder, can easily cleanse them with gallstones cleanse.

When your gallbladder is so full of stones, you can count that you already have at least 2000 stones inside your liver !

Note: Gallstones are not only green in color. They can be of any color !

Gallstones Cleanse - Flush  Recipe - Lemon-Olive Oil drink - Gallstones Story The Third View - Blood Type Diet - Disclaimer - Castor Oil Packs - Flax seed oil

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Cholesterol Gallstones

Cholesterol Gallstones This is a gallbladder that has been opened after its removal to reveal hundreds of cholesterol gallstones. It is no wonder that some would intermittently leave the gallbladder and cause pain or other complications. People who have such a small stones inside gallbladder, can easily cleanse them with gallstones cleanse.

Cholesterol Gallstones/Cholesterolosis

Cholesterol Gallstones/Cholesterolosis The small yellow speckles (arrow) within the lining of the gallbladder are called cholesterolosis. This may represent a precursor to stone formation, and can by itself be associated with symptoms insome patients. People who have such a small stones inside gallbladder, can easily cleanse them with gallstones cleanse.

Pigment Stones

Pigment Stones Pigment Stones The black specks within this gallbladder are pigment stones. These are the types of stones seen in patients with hemolysis of red blood cells from parenteral nutrition, infection, or the malnutrition of cirrhosis.

Mixed Stones

Mixed Stones Pigment These large stones have likely been in the gallbladder for a long time. They consist of a mixture of cholesterol and bile pigments. While they usually don't pass out of the gallbladder, they can erode through the wall and may represent a risk for gallbladder cancer.

Calcium Carbonate Stones

Calcium Carbonate Stones gallstones gallstone Here you see several white stones within the neck of the gallbladder. One, in fact, is stuck in the cystic duct (arrow) and likely led to an episode of acute cholecystitis. These are limestones, and are easily seen on a plain film of the abdomen. Most gallstones cannot be seen in this way.

Mercedes Benz Stone

Calcium Carbonate Stones gallstones gallstone Do you see the "trademark" that lends this stone its distinguishing characteristic? The cynic amongst you might associate the nomenclature with the lifestyle of surgeons that perform numerous cholecystectomies, one of the most common major operations performed in America. It is important to remember that over half of patients who have gallstones have no symptoms from them. However, once symptoms occur, they tend to progress. 






Basket  - Basket What you see here is a stone that has been trapped in a device called a basket. The basket with the intact stone is being withdrawn from the bile duct. Basket is used to withdraw the stone attached.

Stenosing Papillitis

Stenosing Papillitis  - Stenosing Papillitis  The papilla (a protrusion into the lumen of the duodenum, arrow).

It is an Ascaris, a very common intestinal parasite that likes to live in the bile ducts. Its migration in and out of the papilla causes an intense inflammation and fibrosis in some people. In fact, the passage of gallstones can cause the same thing; a disease called stenosing papillitis.

What do these people complain of?

They complain of recurrent episodes of severe upper abdominal pain, and may develop jaundice and fever, or other signs of cholangitis or pancreatitis. When the formation of scar tissue is advanced, they may develop a very large bile duct, and stones and strictures within the proximal biliary tree.


Laparascopic Cholycystectomy

Laparascopic Cholycystectomy Laparascopic Cholycystectomy Dr. MacFadyen: I like to perform a laparoscopic cholecystectomy through the placement of small tubes called ports that are placed into the abdomen once it is distended with carbon dioxide. The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia. The port at the lower end of the picture allows the passage of a camera into the abdomen. At the right upper aspect of the picture you see the insertion of a working port that allows passage of operating instruments. There are two additional ports on the right side of the abdomen that are used for manipulating the gallbladder during its removal. If you look below you will see what a good view we get of the gallbladder on the television screen.

Laparascopic Cholycystectomy   acute cholecystitis Dr. MacFadyen: As you can see, she clearly has acute cholecystitis. The region of the neck of the gallbladder and cystic duct appears readily accessible. We should be able to remove the gallbladder safely.

acutely inflamed gallbladder acutely inflamed gallbladder acutely inflamed gallbladder  Here we are looking through an incision below the right costal margin. What you see here is an acutely inflamed gallbladder (arrow). In contrast to laparoscopic removal, which is from the cystic duct towards the fundus, in the open procedure, we remove the gallbladder from the top down towards its junction with the bile duct. This approach allows one to precisely identify the junction of the gallbladder to the latter structure.


Frequently Asked Questions And ANSWERS about GALLSTONE


Boris: In the evening, when I was lying in the hospital bed I felt some pressure and pain from the lower art of my stomach so I went to the toilet and I was shocked when I saw my stool, there was about 200 gallstones in my stool, all floating at the surface of the water.




 Maja Therese(9) slept well all night through. The next morning she ate 1 kg grapes and got lots of gallstones out.  The biggest one at the size of a little almond.  This happened two weeks ago.   She often had to break the meal because of pain in the stomach, lay down on the floor for a moment. Sometime she had it in the night, crying for hours.    Within these two weeks she didnīt have one pain.   She also used to have dry, sandy skin on her hands, for as long as I remember.  Within these two weeks the skin has become moist and soft as it should be.


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My first cleanse : A lot of green stones

 For the rest of the day, I have been flushing, and almost every time, I get stones. All total so far, about 50, some larger than the others, most of them small. The largest one has been the size of a two large rabbit pellets.

The next morning early there were many gallstones eliminated. Later in the morning, I took a coffee enema and more stones came out. Felt good- even went for a swim and a walk - but took it easy the rest of the day. Last night about 7pm I took another coffee enema and a few more stones were eliniated. Feel great today! Going swimming and hiking!!

 Every time I visited the toilet I noticed my movements were pea green and I swore I saw soft cholesteral stones passing.  In about 7 weeks my liver was all cleaned out, and my bowel movements turned a light brown & have stayed that way.  All of the upper back pains I had are gone, I can drink coffee again (tho I only do it rarely) and I can eat pork without getting a headache.

 I had to fight an uphill battle. My fiance was totally against me doing these flushes and my family wanted me to pluck my gallbladder out. Eric and I have been together for 12 years and I had to test my mental and emotional toughness with him about my gallbladder. You should see the kitchen counter. It looks like a pharmacy with all my supplements and amber bottles of Chinese Herbs.  But somehow I knew that when the Doctor said" you don't pass gallstones, and surgery is your only option" I knew I couldn't just take him at his word.  After all he didn't know me or my body. How could he? He spent a total of 15 minutes with me.

 "Over the past four weekends, I have passed close to 1,000 gallstones. About 150 of them were the size of peas, or larger. You can identify them because they float on the water in the toilet, and are pea green to tan brown."

Clara : "My friend wishes to avoid cholycystectomy at all costs, as she is a medical statistician (sp.?), and has discovered through independent research that fully 75% of cholycystectomy patients later suffered heart attacks!"



Then I ran the cure for gallstones. I did fine and got lots of stones without pain. The biggest one was a 22 mm. long, green cholesterol stone.  Although this didnīt increase my feeling of wellbeing Iīm going to repeat regularly, you know, 22 mm. might very well become 30  mm. and Iīm sweating when I think of what it would be like to get a gallstone attack.

Julia Chang  I have since helped many people who have chronic health problems often by cleansing the liver and gallbladder. One of the most useful discoveries was use of the Chinese herb "Gold Coin Grass" (Herba Lysimachiae) to crush and soften the gallstones before flushing. Very often, relief from pain is experienced even before gallbladder flush.

 my mother story  After 5 cleanses she get rid of more than 2000 gallstones from her liver and gallbladder.

 I have done a number of liver flushes myself and except for the last 2 times I also saw floating green blobs (gallstones) in the water. I was very excited and happy about it.

Alexandra  I have done the flushes, according to Dr. Hulda Clark, two times. I got numerous things (gallstones) out. It was disgusting. Green, brown....I had no pain and recovered pretty fast after them.

 Liver and Gallbladder cleanse

 "The next morning when I awoke, I IMMEDIATELY headed for the bathroom
where I "passed" 200+ little stones.......mossy green colored, irregular in size and shape. I FELT TERRIFIC!!!!!   Until that moment, my doctor had tried to convince me to
have Gallbladder surgery, as I had had a MAJOR attack that put me in the hospital ER for an entire day.

 How I Removed My Own Gallstones: "About a month later, Pam worked up the courage to try the treatment. She also passed many stones, and has had no gall bladder trouble since. Total cost of the treatment? Not $15,000, not $5,000, but less than ten dollars for all the olive oil and lemons. You might want to budget somewhat more to cover the fruit juice; however, because you are fasting, you will save it on food anyway."

Emma : My Daughter,  3 Years Old, Gallbladder surgery because of gallstones




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90% of people have gallstones

80% of people do not know that they have it

50% of children have gallstones

Gallstones Cleanse - Flush  Recipe


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You can cleanse your Liver even if you do not have a Gallbladder!

Gallbladder operation is the most common operation in North America.
Every year, more than half a million people in the United States and  more than 50,000 people in Canada undergo surgery to remove their gallbladders because of gallstones.

Approximately 80% of all gallstones show no symptoms and may remain "silent" for years."

More than 90 % of Americans will in their life develop some of these problems: Ulcerative Colitis, Leukemia, Chron's disease, Cardiovascular diseases, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Tumors, Allergies, Arthritis, Cancer...

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