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Re: New and Old Tinnitus Sufferer with a question about T gone by chsmn ..... Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

Date:   9/18/2007 11:48:06 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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"Consider this: A friend of mine is a professional mixing and mastering guy, hurt his ears due to an earlier softwarre glitich in a popular audio program that caused inexplicable bursts of dirty digital noise at full volume. Eventually that led to his having tinnitus and loss of high frequencies in one ear. The doctors said he had permanent nerve damage and to live with it. But my friend didn't believe it. He did many things, dietary, exercise (including using a rebounder everyday!) nutrition and some far out tapes by a french doctor that are supposed to help. The list goes on. But the main thing was he didn't buy into the belief that this was a permanent condition. Over the next two years his tinnitus healed and he GOT ALL OF HIS LOST HEARING BACK! He had bought an audiometer machine so he was measuring his changes all along (he's a real nerd/techie). He now says he is hearing better than ever before! And no tinnitus."

So do you think you could ask your friend for a detailed list of the things he did to help improve his hearing? I'm currently in the same predicament as you and really could use more information on solving this problem. I've suffered with tinitis for close to three and a half years now but just recently i've really brought on the hearing problems by being in the wrong place with ridiculously loud music without hearing protection. Right now I feel stupid and bit depressed about the whole thing but i know the power of a good attitude so thats whats going to get me through this I think. Don't know if you've been here in a while but hopefully i'll get some kind of response.

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