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Re: Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me by sans sucre ..... Christianity Debate

Date:   8/29/2007 5:41:38 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi Been There!

It could be my misunderstanding. I always thought that Allah was simply the Arab word for "God" (tho I realize that God according to muslim doctrine probably has different qualities than what the Christian God has), and that every language also has its own word for "God". But, if one considers Allah a different entity, that colors the picture differently in some ways.

Yes, you are right in that my main motivation/belief/raison d'etra, as it were, is to bring all people together through equality, tolerance and focusing on similarities rather than differences. So, in that sense, I will always be out of line with the aspect of Chritianity that stresses exclusivity or "one path" to God. I do start my prayers with "Dear God,". I assume that makes it pretty clear to him. Hope so, anyway! :)

I am not 100% clear on what you mean by suggesting I should not share my philosophy of worship with others as they will misunderstand where I am coming from. I am not so sure I care whether they understand me or not, but since it is what I feel in my heart is right, I feel compelled to present it as I see it, as anyone else does. Can you elaborate on that? Maybe I misunderstood.

Been There, I am not sure what you are apologizing to me for. :) We do have our differences, but I consider them minor and we manage to have very respectful conversations, from my point of view. I have a lot of respect for you! You never have to apologize for your opinions!!! :)



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