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Dreams of water by MatrixV ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   8/27/2007 11:33:45 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I've been having loads of dreams recently about water and i've been reading up that
water denotes your spirituality. The next extract is from

Water symbols i.e. sea, rivers, lakes, canals, etc. reflect the spiritual or cultural life of the dreamer. How water appears or is organized indicates the dreamer's philosophy of life. A river indicates the dreamer needs a more free spiritual flow. A canal or swimming pool, both man made structures, indicates man-made or conventional ideals are restricting the dreamer's Spiritual flow. A lake or pool indicates that the dreamer does not have a spiritual outlet. The sea or ocean indicates the dreamer's spirituality / life is the subject matter. Diving into the any body of water is a request for the dreamer to get into life.
The state of the water can also indicate the condition of the dreamer's blood. Polluted water indicates a need to cleanse the blood by a change of diet and/or improved elimination
Since everything in the dream is an aspect of the dreamer we must always consider what aspects are represented by
ē Objects, Location
ē Adults, Children, Animals
ē Colors, Emotions
ē Activities, Puns

I had a dream a few months ago where I was on a beach and a black and white whale tried to beach itself and I tried to push it back into the water and succeeded. All I knew was I had to get the whale back in the water, because I didnít want it to die.
The ocean representing my spirituality and the whale Ė according to
Ė represents a medium/channel.
Could I have pushed my ability to be a channel or medium back into the sea of my consciousness? Perhaps Iím not ready?

Last week I dreamt that I was waterskiing on a very shallow lake. The boat stopped and I lay on the water, but it wasnít even deep enough to make me float. I was then walking along in front of a beautiful scene, there was a dam full of water and where it was dammed there was a lovely dark green forest. I felt like I wanted to go there. There were also mountains surrounding the vista, these were also inviting and had small rivers running down the hillsides. It all looked so lovely and pretty.

Lots of water in this dream!
When Iím in the lake, would it suggest that I canít Ďget into lifeí in a spiritual sense? Then I thought that the dam and rivers meant that my spirituality feels Ďdammed upí, and needs to flow more freely, as in the rivers down the mountains.
This could be quite true, as I feel that the way Iím living now, I donít feel I can express my true feelings with regard to spirituality, as my boyfriend is very quick to shoot down anything thatís Ďairy fairyí to his sciency mind. I have been wondering how much longer this can go on, I mean, apart from that itís a good relationship and weíve just moved in together. Perhaps I should see how it goes for a few more months and if Iím still unhappy with being unable to be hippyish around him then I can think seriously about ending it. As weíre on this earth to grow and understand ourselves and others and when the others donít help you to do that, its hard.

The dream i had last night i only remember in bits. I was walking on my parents property (I live overseas from them) and the sky was amazingly blue with puffy white clouds (my favourite kind of sky), the grass and trees were really green, there were lots of blackberry bushes with huge, fat, ripe blackberries on the bushes. The scene was very anatomically correct, but the way everything was so beautiful was unusual, no weeds, no things making it look dark or untidy. I was immensely happy at the beauty of it all and was walking towards a dam that is on the property. The next thing I remember I was at a swimming pool. It was small, but looked good and i was sort of showing it off to someone. Not sure who's pool it was, but i was acting as if it was mine and ready to use it.
Then i was around people and there was a bird on a table, it was lying on its back and people were watching it. I went over and something was coming out of the bird. It was an egg, quite fragile looking, it then laid several more eggs. There was a small bird - another bird-baby, which was trying to peck and destroy the eggs the mummy bird was laying. I held it off and protected the eggs til the bird had finished laying them. There were about 6 or 8, quite a lot i thought. The poor bird looked exhausted and I thought I must get it some water & food Ė the dream is hazy after that and i'm not sure if i did. Next thing i remember is having the bird and eggs in a container to protect them, but had sort of forgotten about them. I looked down and the mummy bird had pecked a hole in the plastic to get out so it could forage for food for its babies. End of what i remember.

I think the bird and the eggs are significant, but Iíve not been able to puzzle out what it might mean.

I feel like i'm not very good at this dream interpretation thing - even though i understand that I have to puzzle out what it means to MEÖ I always wish I could have someone else helping me to interpret my dreams. Especially the really intense ones.

Anyway, any thoughts are very welcome :)



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