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Re: my story by magic_glitter ..... Anorexia & Bulimia Forum

Date:   8/18/2007 7:13:24 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi, I read your story and I was shocked at some of the replies. I can see they didn't get it. I suffer from anorexia, I'm not as bad as I was but I am still underweight. There were points at my lowest I was also a compulsive exerciser and ate 700 calories a day. Looking bad, I know I could have died at that point.

If you felt healthiest on a raw diet, I suggest you go back on it! It not 100% raw, then what you can do. I maintain eating the majority of my diet raw also. Anorexia really messed up my digestion - bulimia will eventually mess up your too, as the body gets accustomed to throwing up food. When you decide to recover mentally, your body won't be able to grasp the changes and will still want to throw up and you'll likely get acid reflux. That's why you have to change your mind now, and stop purging, before you get worse.

I can tell by reading your messages you're a kind person and deserve better than this!! Have you looked into councelling? Eating disorders don't just "appear"... they are a reaction. Figure out and fix the cause, and you can stop the chain reaction.

Also remember that fast food is INTENTIONALLY addictive. The contain chemicals that make you crave it. That could be a part in your addiction. Maybe educating yourself on the dangers of fast food, and cooking/preparing your own meals will help you get used to properly nourishing yourself and your body. Spending $300 a week on fast food ISN'T healthy or nourishing yourself as some other posters have suggested... sheesh lol. You might try just cutting junk food out of your diet altogether and only shopping at places like Whole Foods, ect. for groceries. Just don't go to those fast food places. I know it helped me learning about the HEALING properities of foods and fruit/veggies juices - because when you don't eat them or throw them up, you're not getting those healing properities and are depriving your body of health.

Good luck :)

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