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Re: Treatments for Psoriasis by NaturalLover ..... Psoriasis Support Forum

Date:   7/19/2007 10:54:50 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Many people are having fabulous results using 777 oil, psorolin ointment, psorolin soap and tuvarak oil. You can read about it on as well as buy the products there too. I couldn't be happier since i found them.

Tuvarak oil is great for delicate skin areas like the face where the 777 oil is great for the rest of the body.

The psorolin soap is great, all natural medicated with herbs, smells so fresh and clean and makes the skin feel so nice, i can't even begin to tell you just how great. It is also great to use for washing your hair if you have scalp psoriasis. It gets all the scales off and heals it like you wouldn't believe. It doesn't leave your hair too manageable but the lady at Nutrition4skin told me to just rinse my hair with an apple cider vinegar/water rinse after washing with the psorolin soap and that would make it more manageable and this really does work great. I just pour it over the hair and i dont concentrate it on the scalp at all, if you can understand what i mean, just rinse the hair with it to make it more manageable, this gives the hair such a wonderful shine, you just wouldn't believe until you try it yourself.

The lady at Nutrition4skin also told me to clear my scalp best to leave the 777 oil on overnight and then to wash out in the morning. That worked out wonderful as well.

I had pretty bad facial Psoriasis and the Tuvarak oil cleared it up in just a little over a week of using it, usually i would apply it 2 times daily, washing my face with the psorolin soap before applying the tuvarak oil to it. It is a wonderful moisturizer for the face and it doesn't clog pores, which my pores are prone to clogging so i have to be careful what i use on my face. This stuff is great.

The psorolin ointment worked wonders to get rid of all the scaling all over my body. Then once the scales were gone i started using the 777 oil. First the itchiness leaves, then the redness leaves, then you can notice it all getting flatter, and then you can slowly see the Psoriasis shrinking each day.

I also use the 777 oil as a sun bathing oil, I don't stay out long, and never before 2 pm, I stay out for about 30 minutes or so and my tan is looking so great this year, and the Psoriasis is not leaving any scars behind, and i wonder if it has to do with using the 777 oil, whatever is happening, i love the results!

I hope that everyone that tries these products has the great progress that i have had. These are truly remarkable products, all natural too, no added perfumes or dyes, nothing to irritate the skin at all.

If you are like me, you can feel a burn when using products with added perfumes and other not so skin friendly additives. This doesn't happen with these products so thats an extra plus.

Good luck to everyone in clearing from this awful skin disease.

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