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Re: I'm back, still 13lb down by lauray ..... Fasting for Weight Loss Forum

Date:   7/17/2007 1:50:38 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I wanted so much to respond to your invitation to be in touch but I was just stricken withthe inability to fast or post...

I took myself through a recommitment and transformation just recently (I am on day 4 of green, living food only now and have achieved a 24h fast and as I write nearly hve achieved a 30h fast

I do want to be in touch and hope you read this

I need God a lot of help with my total unwillingness that sometimes becomes fragile willingness to stay on all living food when I get back to the states (I am in Berlin now for the next week and a half only)... I just am in danger because I am going back into "frozen dessert territory" when I get to America... what a seductive addictive place... and I am struggling to get the willingness to keep my "green living only" day count and not do either froyo (I really have the willlingness i hope God willing to stay off that sooooo toxic substance) OR a froyo raw substitute I have dreamed up involving raw fresh coconut meat whipped up with guar gum/water and processed in an ice cream maker.... I just don't want to do this to myself.... I want to really get green and alkaline and really stop getting high on food and really get sober... I am writing this but not really writing what I really feel or believe. I basically want to do the "raw" substitute ... and it isn't even raw, since I cannot really call guar gum an unprocessed food... i do not know if it is cooked but.,.... the point is the green living diet supports my fasting and I have really got to succeed at fasting.... i have jsut got to do this in my life, my life and success andhealth depend on it... Right now I am Committed! to a 30 hour fast and to increasing my fasts' lenmgths by 6 hours per time... soon a 36 h fast etc Lauray

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