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Date:   7/10/2007 4:04:03 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Well, not full reovered (yet) but I'm a lot better, for example my recent post:


Definitely look into lugols/iodine (see Iodine support forum on this website), its one of the easiest things i have done so far in terms of healing/cleansing, my most recent improvements have been down to this.

Instead of taking vitamins in pills, if you cant/wont juice or eat healthily, look into something like dr schulze superfood, this has something most pills cant compete with and when i was badly chronicly fatigued i could feel my energy lifting after drinking it.

Easy Bowel Cleanse i would have to say salt water flush, no need to buy any extra ingredients apart from unrefined salt which you should be using on your food anyway.

I have dabbled in oxygen therapies and seen some stark improvements, but come off them for now, i will go back onto them at some point, i dont want to do too many things at once.

I started off on Liver Cleanses but found them increasing difficult, i was sick the last few times, im not sure if i believe in them anymore anyway since i read the 'Dyeing to know' post on Liver Flush debate forum.

i did one master cleanse several years ago and was glad i did it, but could not cope with the hunger pangs and had to give in to snacking a few times. that was the only fast for more than part of a day ive done. i was working full time when i did that. some folks in Iodine support, especially high on water, say since being on Iodine fasting was so much easier.

not done a mouth clean up yet, but also not sure if ive any amalgrams, if i have they are from my early teenage years.

I read the smart publications book on adrenal fatige as i wasnt sure if i had that, amongst other things it recommends liquorice and i find it helps me.

I also do EFT ( which has helped me lots

Good luck to you, I'm not sure where you have this 12 month rule from though, Ive been trying to recover from my Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome for the past several years, ive tended to improve year after year so far. If i was more commited, maybe i would improve faster, i do what i can when i can, i do tend to give in food wise and cannot stick to healthy eating for long, i have little spurts, i take my supplements most days though. also cost is a factor for me with healthy eating as i have only worked part time due to the Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome for the past 4 years

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