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Re: Attn: Molly, re: Aspgerger/autism (off topic) by molly bloom ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   7/6/2007 7:58:22 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Oh my husband does everything I do. He just goes along with whatever....I think he's hoping that someday his mad scientist wife will find a cure for his horrible lack of self esteem. It's pretty grim actually.

My son is also aspergers! Very strong evidence of direct genetics. Let's see, the latest is music. Actually composing music, mostly death metal. It's very mathematical, this composing. The first starting at three? Underground irrigation systems. Lasted until he was about six. I'm talking the whole engineering of the system, even on a grand scale like a major park. It was hell taking him to Home Depot.....Next was any transportation system. He memorized the entire bus and light rail schedules. We had to ride rapid transit every weekend or he was unbearable. His artistic side at six was drawing perfect (and I mean detailed) drawings of the rapid transit with perfect perspective. Next? Eight year old birthday bowling party. No more mass transit...bowling. He bowled over 280 by the time he was 11. Gave it up in one day (because he figured out there was nothing after 300) for Pokemon (hated that one) composing Death Metal..oh joy. Music has been the obsession for 3 years now. I'm really freaked out about his potential future girlfriend now....

Oh yes, I have TWO aspergers in my family. It's like living in a think tank, but man, it's hard to keep up for an earthling like me. At least no one plays the staring game here...


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