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Re: Clenching jaw...? by Zoebess ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   6/19/2007 1:01:28 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Well, then it sounds like time to consider
doing one. You have a pet and I am sure walk
barefoot on your beach. You can pick up
critters using public restrooms or even
pushing carts in a grocery store. Parasites
are easy to get and can wreak havoc for many

I have and do use 3 different products as I
traveled so much and swam in lots of natural
water and so wormed myself regularly.

I use Herbal Healer Academy Intestinal Freedom
and Wormwood complex, or MH (barefoot healer)
also has a good dewormer. I just ordered for
my post cleanse Humaworm because I like their
comprehensive formula. It is two caps a
day 12 hours apart for a month. Sounds easy
and lots of people have success with it.

Last year I did my month parasite cleanse and
then got reinfested a month later...gggrrrr.
Once you become familiar with the symptoms,
you can tell when you get them. parasites take
the cream off your nutrition, supplements and
energy. Its best to evict them.

The reason I noticed the info on clenching
and grinding teeth was because my former
husband had this problem and we spent so much
money getting his teeth ground down and an
oral appliance, and I sure would have had
him do a parasite cleanse if I had thought it
would help.

Good luck with your choices~!



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