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this is one of my favorite responses by finallyfaith ..... Energized Water Support Forum

Date:   5/25/2007 1:54:15 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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"the placebo affect" - how many times have i heard it?

i love how hard core "scientist" types will laugh and jeer at any suggestion that the how the mind can heal the body, but the instant something happens that is beyond current scientific models to describe they are the first ones to shout "placebo effect!" or in other words what they are really saying is - your mind healed your constipation or your illness or your cancer or whatever. very inconsistent.

the reality is that John E. may be prickly and possibly abusive, he may not have firm grips on certain scientific principals, and he may even assert grossly incorrect notions as fact.

however! none of that changes the fact that ppl have reported truly amazing affects with his WATER, which is the real issue. the issue is not "does he ahve something on his website that is incorrect" its THE WATER that he makes. he himself may not even understand why his water does amazing things, that deosn't mean its not amazing.

as for your statement "its scientifically meaningless" again you have an incorrect notion of what Science is.

the beginning of all scientific pursuits is curiosity, its noticing something odd or unusual or intersting, or something CURRENTLY UNEXPLAINABLE by current scientific models and then further investigating and examining and researching the issue. doing experiments, etc. THATS science!

to dismiss things out of hand with no investigation, no experimentation, no real knowledge of the subject is NOT science, its fundamentalism.

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