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Re: Lyme Disease!!! Yes!!! by Aherantoxologist ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   5/21/2007 5:24:18 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Later tonight, I will read your complete explaination, but I'm busy and tired and frankly too concerned about 'politics' to care if I personally live, or die.

Now, we have just 2 days to debate the USDA/FDA take-over of our 'Health Freedom.' One correspondent opined that we won't be arresting illegals for murder, but sending the jack-booted goons to swoop-down on Grandmothers in possession of any 'unregistered' bottles of "Echinacea!"

(I bought a big bottle that afternoon!)

"Holy Water" will also be outlawed. Anything claiming to have 'healing powers,' is strictly contraband, and the fines may be Stiffer than that for smuggling 'Shampoo' onboard a trans-Continental flight! Obviously the NAU, the National ID, and the drive for 'amensty,' indicate a condemnable disregard for the rule of law, and the founder's point behind the US Constitution!


Basically, I'm pretty healthy for a smoker, and I have been taking "Allicin", actually "AlliUltra, 360mg" for a few months. I did not realize these symptoms as 'pathenogentic,' so I didn't know I was supposed to be taking several per day. As to 'flu and colds,' it strikes-back *NATURALLY* in a matter of hours. (Your sinuses are dry, but not chemically fried. No coughing, sneezing, -CURED!)

Secondly, I finally received a 16oz bottle of "SuperSilver." This stuff tastes just like a tarnished spoon, and it goes directly to work on all pathogens as well as excitotoxins, and the deeper swimming 'neurotoxins.' Once these blue-meanies get between the muscles, they hibernate for years...

SuperSilver *CURES* Tuberculous by killing the virus in 1hr, and 31minutes.
It *SAVES* the lives of our soldiers returning with Depleated Uranium posioning. And, it cured me after just 9 days.

Actually there's an even better product by Wayne Blakley, called "ProBiotics." I don't have any, but after talking to Wayne, I would invest in him and his product, hands-down.This guy can clear a pond of all pathogens in 13 days. Fisheries and City Municipalities are listening... But the FDA won't be far behind.

I've got to run now, they seem to have found me by my URL! :)

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