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Re: 55213 - a question for you or anyone by zooii ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/9/2007 4:30:52 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi Cora

Sorry it took some time to answer. I think you asked a question on rifing. For me I tried an EMEM machine and felt better during the time I used it which was only two months and then 2 months at a later time. I used it every 2-3 days to avoid any herxheimer reactions or at least too much of it. I don't think I found the right frequencies for what I have for some reason or another. There are lots of frequencies for all types of infections, so it would probably be an even greater chance if one knows the exact type of infections through your doctor(ha ha), a syncrometer that Hulda is using perhaps, A SCIO machine or other. Some say that the fscan is working great as well and some say it doesn't. I have seen lots of fscans being sold quickly after purchase so it seems at least very expensive and tedious. The SCIO seems very expensive as well.

There are probably other scanning machines out there. Then there are different rife machines for the treatment itself, the one I used was not the strongest on the market but reasonably priced for people. There is even a poor mans rife machine very cheap for sale and sites where you can build you own cheap. Many people seem to like the stronger expensive ones like the pearl and others, they loose some of the effect the longer away you are from the machine since the frequencies travel through the air. Then there are also crane devices with uses hand held copper wires and the current comes directly into your body. Some of the stronger ones are popular as well.

Crane developed it after rife had "finished" his work I think. If you are handy you can even build your own by using an amplifier (like you amplifier to stereo), two handhelds and a wire to you computer. You need to also use a software program for that like Ken Uzells frex program(he charges minimum $60 dollars for it). Think there are others like blaster5 and such that are freeware but a bit time consuming. Hope that helps some.

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