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Re: candida and adrenal fatigue by jhan ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/26/2007 7:21:50 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Because she has a yeast problem OF COURSE, the diet will help. THe diet is ALL ABOUT not feeding the yeast.

What helped me most with adrenal fatigue was licorice tea. I live in Taiwan and Chinese herbal medecine makes it very easy just to purchase the chopped licorice root and put them in my tea pot, if your health store does not carry this, and if you have a Chinatown nearby, go there to purchase the root.

Licorice tea helps with the feeling of being stressed out... which will lead to panic attacks if she does not treat it.

So if she cannnot sleep avoid drinking any form of caffeine, licorice with fennel tea will do the trick.

Plenty of water will also help. That is eating less, and more soup and liquid meals and drinking more.

FOr sleep problems it means she is deficient in minerals.
Magnesium is the obvious FIRST potential deficiency as yeast depletes mag. [and vitamin B so supplementing in both is mandatory]
Calcium comes next as mag is essential in order to assimilate cal and being deficient in mag does not allow cal assimilation.
Manganese comes right next. Nickel tin... etc

Liquid assimilates better and cal/mag you can purchase in the form of a pill that dissolves in water.
Mag you can purchase in the liquid form with Chloride mag. (Which tastes absolutely awful, but not as bad when diluted in a full glass of water.

And again, more green leafy vegeteble broth is a great way to insure all the minerals get in your system.

Here is an old message of the information I had gathered here and there when I suffered from adrenal fatigue://


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