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Re: Has anybody ever wondered why?????? by Ohfor07 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   4/23/2007 2:46:04 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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For one reason, people (viewers/partakers), in the context of TV, are like children (even adults) and the TV is the equivalent parent/sage. The parent may occasionally mention to the child "eat healthy"..... "get exercise"....."be sure to get your fruts & veggies", yada yada yada. Meanwhile, the same TV innundates the same viewers with advertizing pressure for happy meals and big macs, colas, pizzahuts, tacobells, plus all the modern variants of neuvo fast food (TGIF, Outback, Ruby Tuesday, etc. etc. etc), ice creams, confections, candies - and plenty of eye candies too, plus meds - to include the "stay hard all bleepin weekend" pills that may give you a heartattach - but we got some pills for that too!. On rare occasion one will actually see an image of a fruit or veggie quickly pass across the screen, easily missed among the otherwise constantly rolling images of fast-food, fun, beer, trucks, fast cars, loose women, looser men, video games (with the latest Iraq/Afghanistan simulation war packs added!), sports, sex, drugs & rockNroll. Which one do you suppose the average unwitting tv-addicted child may be more drawn too - fruits & veggies, or all the rest?

Meanwhile, at this stage of the game, even if fruits & veggies were still the same viable source of nutrition they once were, these might remain as a significantly bright light shining from the dark end of our modern health reality tunnel; operative word "if". They aren't, thanks among other reasons to the co-operative efforts within big/corp agri & technology industries, plus your assorted extremes in weather patterns, increasing soil/mineral depletion, and pollution, pollution, pollution (air, water, land, sea ;), plus some newer invented forms of pollution - insecticides, pesticides AND..........(drum roll please for the big finish) the uprise of GM'd variants IE> frankenfoods AKA> fake produce foods (and soon to be fake, testube-produced cattle foods - yum!) that look might kinda look/smell/taste like real foods but are not, soon to spread/infest/take over a farm field near you and get you arrested for not paying for the necessary licensing & patent fees to big/corp agri!. TADA!

PS - to be honest, I cannot relate to having seen lots of news/stories/report like you said about long living "sausage & pancake" types. Yeah, I can definitely remember some of these from the past, especially those that came word of mouth. My favorite is the old, widowed rich lady that lived in the big mansion not far from here who, allegedly, drank a quart of Scotch nearly every day and lived to be 90-something. My grandmother turned 103 this past December. Although I would not necessarily paint her as hard core sausage/pancake person, she no doubt has consumed her fair share of such "unhealthy food", to include meats (porks too), and dairy, in her years. I have never heard/seen a single news/story/report drawing my attention to her longevity; have you? #2, sausage/pancakes and the like, especially in the present, may not be ideal nutrition, but variants of these in the present are far less healthy than they were in the previous 103 years when cattle were generally not fed pieces of other dead cows, graised on real grass, without all manner of pollutants in the air, water and soil, and did not require pharmaceutical health coverage in order to regularly produce milk.

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