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Re: A NDE Perspective about War by rudenski ..... Near Death Experiences Support Forum (NDE)

Date:   4/11/2007 7:35:35 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Yes, God is love and there is a serious attempt by many of those who call themselves preachers, priests, teachers, rabbis and clerics to hide that fact. It is so obvious to me that I often walk out of churches because often the voice of the teacher becomes so clearly absent of love that I feel embarrassed for the people sitting beside me. I wonder how come they can't hear what I hear. I wonder why they are not walking out of the door with me. It is kind of like when a friend asks you over to their house and they try to
sign you up for Amway. I might not want to insult my friend by leaving in the middle of the sales pitch but if I don't cut it short then I am being dishonest to myself and my friend because I know I am not going to join their pyramid scheme... The whole time I am in churches where they say God is love while they support murdering other mothers and other father's children in bloody wars I am looking for the door and breathe a sigh of relief the second I get out the door. I will probably never go back to my Amway friend's house again...and I know I could never believe a religious teacher again unless at least until my friend tells me they are not selling Amway any more or the religious teacher comes clean. But too many religious teachers keep their money plate full by saying God is on our soldier's and nation's side...and many keep their flock returning by instilling fear of some dark skinned or light skinned enemy. Once you figure out the truth, how can you sit there and listen to lies about God? I know I can't.

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