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God is love by Gr8ful ..... God Without Religion Debate

Date:   4/11/2007 12:24:15 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Even an atheist needs God. An idea to not believe in.

Who can deny anything, without first creating something to deny?

God is love to me. A love that is so above anykind of love I can even imagine.

Love asks for nothing. Love wants nothing.

For Love lacks nothing. To lack nothing is to have no needs.

Yes to me this is God.

What lacks nothing must have everything. What has everything must be everything.

Everthing that is real.

To have happiness is to be happy.

I do not need to ask forgiveness, all I have to do is forgive.

I do not need to be thanked, all I need to feel is thankful.

People think God wants all these things from us, how can this be?

God has no lacks.

People think God will send us to hell if we insist on making mistakes.

How can this be?

Imagine with meMoney mouth

Masterpiece: Gods Creation ( The most beautiful painting you can imagine so perfect that nothing can be done to improve it. Improvement is impossible)

We are that painting. Every line, dot, mark, color. I am a dot , you are a line, he is a mark, she is a color.

Now that we exist we start to lable the things in our vicinity. Hmmm why am I not as bold as that line. I am bigger that that dot. I need that mark to go over there it is in my way. I have the best color.

Such is the human condition. Oblivious of our beauty and perfection as ONE. Frown

Yet the Masterpiece stays the same.Cool

Can I Share I book in progress with you?

God is in me too!

When God was in my mommy, oh the wonderful things she'd do!

She would make me food. She would brush my hair. She would sing a song or two.

When God was in my daddy, he would light up the whole room!

He would let me ride up on his back.

He would fly me like a plane.

He would gather our family together, and we would make a choo-choo train.

When God was in my sisters, they would let me in their room!

They would read me books and make funny looks.

I would stay all afternoon.

When God was in my brother, oh the fun that we would have!

It never mattered what we did.

I was always glad.

When God was in my friends...They would always say kind things

They would cheer me up when I was feeling down and wipe away my frown.

When God was in my strangers there were many things they'd do

Some would simply smile

Some would open a door

Some would say hello to me, and some would say much more

I met a man whom I really love and we married right away

And the way he shows his love to all

God is in him everyday

And now that I am a mommy... I found God in my children too.

And when they look at me with love... I know God is in me too!

My conclusion

We are dreaming. In the bible it says that Adam fell into a deep sleep. No where in the bible does it say he woke up. To me Adam is symbolic for the whole of humanity.

We are in a dream journey.

We are sleeping as God watches over us knowing that we are perfectly safe.

Some of us are having nightmares.

Some of us have learned how to let the nightmares go, and go on to more peaceful dreams.

When my baby has a nightmare, I can not tell him it was only a bad dream, and it is not real.

Because he believes in it.

I can only say to him, come to me, everything is alright now.

As he grows I can teach him that it is not real.

Perhaps that is all that Jesus, Buddha, and countless others that woke up are intending to do with us?

You decide.

You will never find the light if you only look in the darkness.

Happy Dreams brothers and sisters!

Give love a chance, and love will guide you.


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