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Re: Dr Christopher's formula by #54319 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/11/2007 4:47:14 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Im no expert, I have merely learnt from hard earned experience, and fortunatley excellent wisdom cutting through the BS that si out there to lead the individual astray.

Here is my two cents worth.

I started this adventure underweight, and got thinner. Its going to happen, accept it. it needs to happen to heal properly. When your body has thrown off what it needs to throw off, and heal, then you will see weight comming on. OJ fasting is the best way to do this. What i have found now living on OJ, and fruit is that my weight has dropped to 62 kg, (and holds there despite fasting or not). I consume ZERo rubbish. its a choice and Im seeing results)

Good chance you are not digesting/assimulating the food you are consuming. Fruit is the optimum fuel that runs every cell in your body. EVERY thing you eat is converted to fructose and glucose. May as well get it first hand, from LIVE fruit. Consuming meat is merely adding to the toxic burden of your body liver/kidnes etc. May want to investigate emzymes to assist assimulation.

Not sure about the Dr Chrostopher bowel herbs. I know they went commercial years back outs source their herbs and radiate them, dose down the dose, up the price etc. Not sure how much good they do. Its taken me over a year to get my BM working ok. Ie a BM after each meal (within 30 min, still not 100% there but hugely improved). As long as I am on fruit the bowel moves fine. If I introduce other foods, I find stagnation occurs and with it various symptoms. Leads me to conclude that fruit is the ideal human food. If your system is dumping its waste, you will see no candida symptoms on fruit. Its only if constipated/congested that the symptoms appear.

I foud that a 15 day OJ fast, got my gut functioning fine, untill I ate non human food. Thus I learnt over timne to avoid foods that clogged me up (including meat - transit time is way too long) Food should be through ones system within 18-24 hrs.

I would highly recommend reading EVERYthing the Barefoot Herbalist has written, then trusting it untill you have had enough experience to make up your own mind based of experience.

The line of thought that fruit and candida are incompatible is utter BS!!! If that was the case I would have been consumed by my fungus this last year. If the body is not congested (caused by eating food that block), then fruit will provide for all your nutritional requirements. I am not joking when I say that i live on OJ/fruit and the occasional green leafy salad loaded with sprouts. ZERO ANIMAL/ZERO GRAINS.

The line of thought that fruit and diabetes are equally incomaptible is also flawed. Such a person should get hold of Dr Doug Graham in Florida top clarify this one. Wont go there as its not my problem. But the root cause is similar. If the root cause is fixed, then the diabetes goes away.

Hope this helps.


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