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my cleansing!!! by ozone bubble ..... Moles, Birthmarks & Scars Forum

Date:   2/16/2007 7:32:01 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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but it will be different for everyone!

i started cleansing about 2 months ago. it will be a lifelong project! i am that inspired by my results so far.

my cleanse plan originated from two needs:

1. to detox, cleanse and flush my whole body - to go towards the perfection of 'natural health' (and natural beauty!!)
2. to complete my plan with all natural (and therefore CHEAP) ingredients, with a minimum of commercial supplements.

these are the principles i followed, from reading and experience (copied from another of my posts in Bowel Cleanse Forum ):

1. supporting and improving the elimination routes (kidney, bowel, liver in that order and skin, lymph, lungs throughout)
2. acid/alkaline balance or alkalisation
3. re-mineralising/nutrients
4. diet (raw foods, food combining etc)
5. removing environmental sources of toxicity
6. assisting the body in removal of toxins (water soluble, fat soluble)
7. exercise
8. listen to the body (no matter what!!!)

these are the cleanses i did:

2 oz lemon juice, 2 oz OO, drink on empty stomach. fast as body dictates, resume normal eating when appetite comes back.

i combined this with oil pulling and partial fasting for about three weeks or so.

300-400ml kefir on waking (empty stomach) with 2 tbsp ground flax seeds mixed in. some days i added 100-150ml in evening on empty stomach before evening meal. this repopulated my bowel flora and got my BMs to 2/3 (and 4/5/6 lol!!!) a day. this i did for about a month and continue to drink kefir in the mornings after a short break.

enema a few times a week (3-4 while juice fasting, 1-2 otherwise). i did this for a week before and a week after juice fasting. my juice fast was only 3 days (lost too much weight!). enema solution was: saline (poor results), salt + soda (medium results), mae west coffee (good results), regular coffee (excellent results). i have switched over to only doing coffee now, 1-2 times a week.

egg/lime/oil with swf a few days in a row, then break 1 day, then another few days. i dont really remember how often, when i did these but i had great results (it was about a month or more ago i guess). i combined it with fasting.

i am working up to a HC flush in 2-4 weeks depending on what my body wants!

lymph, lungs + skin:
skin brushing, variety of detox baths (every day mostly!) successful combos = ginger, cayenne cinnamon + Epsom Salt no oil; green/white tea/ + Sea Salt or epsom + cover whole body in olive oil; mostly mix and matching all kinds of spices, herbs, oils, salts etc!! acupressure facial massage (the do it yourself kind!), reflexology massage (same), abdominal breathing, olive oil scalp detox (see hair forum)

rowing, yoga as and when healing crises allow. try to do brisk walk every day for 20-30 mins. trying to get around to starting skipping (got the rope, not the energy to do it!)

master cleanser drink, juicing, raw fruit and veg (increased to about 40% so far, some days 90-100% if healing crisis), chlorella (optimum source)

eating 1 or less food type in one meal. eating fruit and veg on their own and separately. reducing refined carbs/sugar. increasing % raw. no drugs, alcohol, coffee, black tea.

eliminating environmental toxins
got rid of all commercial soaps, body care etc (basically threw away everything that was in my bathroom!). switched to olive oil soap for body and hair (later all natural msm soap), oil hair with olive oil, use miswak for teeth, gave up make up until can find suitable non-toxic alternative.

assisting body in removal of toxins
drink 1/2 body weight in oz of water and herb tea per day. take good fats (organic butter, flax seed oil, olive oil) and use on skin.

that is pretty much it. not sure if i remembered it all but there you go! will add if i think of more!

good luck cleansing and flushing!!


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