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Re: 10,000 p.p.m? by Exile ..... Colloidal Silver Forum

Date:   8/8/2005 4:32:56 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Looking at their site a few things strike me:

1) As an example they say "VRE (Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus) requires a Silver of at least 1,500 (ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED) p.p.m. to just inhibit Enterococcus. A 30 (thirty) p.p.m. or less solution of silver would have virtually no effect on the Enterococcus. " Vancomycin is the heaviest heavy duty antibiotic, used when nothing else works, therefore to use as an example a bacteria resistant to it & the ppm of silver required to kill it is probably a trifle misleading as its not what the cs will be dealing with in most cases, why not use the example of a common flu?

2) In their list of how to cure lyme disease they include the folloing
Point 13: Prayer
Point 9: "MUST" drink 8 tall glasses of "Distilled Water" per day
Point 8: Absolutely and positively "NO" diet drinks
The inclusion of prayer automatically rings alarm bells, but that may just be me, nevertheless if their silver is so powerful why the big long list of things yyou should & shouldn't do?

3)"Our laboratories in North America utilize compounded "atoms" of silver, suspended in solution by protein molecules, in order to produce the stable solution known as Mild Silver Protein. " The fact that it has atoms of silver in it & the inclusion of the word protein leads me to think that there would be a higher risk of agyria with this product, as silver content & particle size is a lot higher than CS. Also as Steve555 said there is a stabiliser mixed in with it, the "protein molecules", I don't know what this is or what effects it may have, I would hope that the makers would tell you if you asked though.

4)"ONLY "THIS IS" THE ORIGINAL FORMULA." I'm always wary of this is the only one claims, if it isn't patented (as it can't be) & the recipe dates back to 1902 then how do they know they're the only ones making it.

5)The 6 litres (6,000 cc) of blood in everyone's body dilutes 1 teaspoon (5 cc) of any type of silver of any strength down by 1,200 times "less" strength. Weak silver solutions under 2,000 ppm are worthless in the body against disease. E.g. A 20 ppm is diluted down to less than 1/100 of 1 ppm by blood in the body" I am not a doctor or anything like that but this strikes me as ignoring the way substances pass into & through the bloodstream. If 6l of blood was taken out, put in a big vat and mixed with a 20ppm cs it possibly would be diluted to less than 1/100th of 1ppm, but that isn't what's happening. The cs you absorb in the mouth is getting into bloodvessels & is only mixing with a small volume of blood at a time & is being carried along with it (travelling at the same speed so not mixing with the blood coming earlier or later) therefore it isn't being diluted as much. I may be wrong on this, not knowing much about the circulatory system but I think it is plausible.

6)They say "A weak 20 p.p.m. to 20 p.p.m.. electro- Colloidal Silver "will" knock out yeast " so they do acknowledge to some degree the efficacy of CS, although claiming theirs works better (may well do, never tried it).

7)"For results you need "ATOMS" of Silver, "not" toxic ions of silver called and misbranded as Colloidal Silver (which should be correctly named ionic silver and not even have the word colloidal on its label). " They are probably right on the fact that electrically produced CS shouldn't really be called colloidal - there is a lot of controvercy about what is colloidal & what is ionic but it doesn't really matter what something is called, what matters is what works & that's for folk to judge for themselves. The fact that they include the word "toxic" though in relation to silver ions is just plain inaccurate as they are not toxic (& they say elsewhere that they do work - see point 6).


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