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How do I slowly wean my son! HELP!! NEED ADVICE!! I AM A NEW MOTHER!! :) by newmother ..... Parenting Support Forum

Date:   2/6/2007 5:51:37 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hello everyone,
I am a nursing mother for the first time with my first born son Jacob. He is now 14 months old and I do admit I love nursing and so does he. Some people frown on nurseing that long, but to me he is still a baby. He is in diapers and only says ma ma da da, and my personal comfort level for nursing is probably up until 2 years of age as that is how long my mother nursed me and my sisters. She just didn't feel right about cutting us off at a year and I didn't feel that way either so I've kept going. Well I would like to have my son weaned by the time he is 2 or a few months after his second birthday. I have no idea how to wean. He does eat solids during the day and drinks water through his sippy cup. He will nurse off and on when he wants during the day and night although sometimes its only once at night. It all depends on whether is he having a growth spurt or needs extra comfort. Well what I am asking is what are the steps to take to wean him so he doesn't notice the weaning and its just happens gradually and naturally??? Should I just wait for his ques? I don't want to abruptly wean him as I think this will be tramatic for him and myself. The nursing has helped my hormones to stay balances so I feel that stopping all of sudden would also cause me to be out of whack. I have heard this from other mothers too. Is there a book I should buy? Is it too early to worry about this? Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

Sarah :)

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