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Using 30v adaptor instead of 4x 9v batteries - please help by Exile ..... Colloidal Silver Forum

Date:   4/4/2005 7:13:05 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I've recently tried switching to using a 30v plug adapter (converting 240v AC plug voltage to 30v DC 500 mAmp)to make CS, it worked ok for a little while but now it looks like both the adapter & the connection cable i'm using have broken as no CS is being produced (and adapter now producing no DC current - tested using voltage meter)& when I go back to using the batteries with my connection cable it isn't working either.
I think I may have wired up the adapter wrong leading to it frying everything I've been using however I don't know a great deal about electrics/wiring/electricity & wonder if anyone knows what the problem is & how I can wire up an adaptor correctly in the future. The details are:
I used an adaptor for a HP printer. It has a single length of insulated cable with 2 thick copper wires insulated from each other (they did lead to a printer connection plug). I cut the cable & stripped the insulation to expose the 2 copper wires which I connected to a 3.5mm minijack socket. Into this fitted a stereo cable with 1 3.5mm minijack connector on one end & 2 stereo plugs on the other. I cut the plugs off & the wires inside were 1 red plastic cable with copper wire inside & outside it (but insulated from the other wires by the main cable) & 1 purple cable with wire inside & outside. I stripped the red & purple cables & twisted the wire inside with that outside. I then wired each of the 2 sets of wires to 2 crocodile clips & plugged them to my silver wire.

This setup worked for a while but now nothing seems to work, if anyone knows more about electrics or how to do this than me (wouldn't be hard as I know very little) please let me know what I've done wrong & how I can avoid making the same mistake in future.



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