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Re: and now, the rest of the foot story by mh ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   2/3/2007 10:42:14 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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The REST of the STORY

Now it leaves no room for guessing, well, I still guess, because I NEVER KNOW.

The B&W was around 28 years ago and would have been your savior.

You MD at the time must have gave you a drug or some prescription of IRON. Poison Ivy comes from a lack of Plant Iron, if we could only know the name of that prescription back then, I will take a wild guess it had a iodine/iron formula in it, I think they call it SSK or something like that. Anyway, when your hurt or anytime of life, plant iron does wonders for health and healing, it is 1/3rd the secret of every formula I make.

To last 15 years, that is amazing.

Naturally you NEVER HEALED and everything you do to improve your health is going to bring out these old surpressed diseases. I expect this with every cleanse/fast, that is why I do cold water therapy, i makes me feel a little ill and bones ache as the body is removing the lead and disease from deep within my bones and I pay with it by plenty of mucus coming out the nose and up and out the lungs, those are true signs of a good cleanse and your done when the snot goes away.

I suggest you feet are damaged and a place for your liver to expell waste.

If it were summer, I would say soak them in MUD, you could do the same I guess in a bucket of clay and water. I have several of those foot ionizers and I would think they would do wonders for it, but do not buy one that use to be advertized here on the curezone, man were they ever wishing to rip the customer off, their price was beyond crazy.

The Liver tonic would be my internal herb of choice along with believing your now ready to heal your sun burn. To do so, follow the B&W burn aid info and I use a ocean leaf that is precooked and ready at a moments notice. "IF" you believe there is any fungus in those toes, I would use some peroxide strong enough to make her foam and then rinse it off, dry it and apply the ointment.

Being a weekened spot on your body, you can expect much of your disease wihin will want to expel there, unless the LBB and sitz bath along with life fruit diet are not followed until your about 170 pounds!!!

Thanks for telling the REST of the STORY (Paul Harvey)

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