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Date:   1/11/2007 4:55:41 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I want to start up a fecal odor website that will be easy to find where people communicate on a daily basis rather than this come and go feeling of having no support.
To keep trying, and to vent and to understand, and to not be alone, and to feel human when we are down in the dirt, but most of all to know that it is okay, and it is not your fault.

When I first looked up fecal odor I was excited like everyone is when they first find that others have this problem too. But then I got depressed because there *seemed* to be no cure, and one thing that does not help is reading peoples horror stories. So i want to create a positive atmosphere where people can contact each other and have SUPPORT. (for example, glycolax didn't work for me, but i'd be willing to send my glycolax to someone else who needs to try it for themself. we can help eachother with the cost and hassel!!!). We would all "give ANYTHING" for an easy cure, but i think i might have cured my fecal odor and am still dealing with the effect it has on my mind. It was pushed to the side and ignored for too long and my mind became weak and that's when people break.
It's easy to stay strong! I found a good friend that I told all my "horror stories" to from the past and then do you know what they finally became? THE PAST. and made me realize that i can't just bail out and say i'm normal now, i need to help everyone and we need to prove that we care about the fecal odor in order to get more people to care.

Another benefit of a website is that we don't have to have fragmented conversations on health or IBS message boards, which are mixed with a ton of other problems. there can be ONE fecal odor website to inform people of the immediate things they can do to prevent or dramatically lessen the smell, and a message board for conversation, product swapping, research posting, experiment posting...

I can see this being even bigger. If we get a website going we can show doctors and family and stuff and people will start to see that WE CARE about it, so that's the first step. We can maybe eventually get some people together to be in charge of donated money (from the website) and voting on where the money should go, (ex. a doctor to study some of us, promotion, expanding the website to reach more people) things that we could all vote and agree on since we are in this together, basically actually playing our cards right in order to 1.get help, ourself, newcomers (a lot of people get this in jr. high and are being traumatized while growing) 4.feel like we belong 5.feel that everything will be okay.

now, i only know how to make a website on yahoo! geocities and those are pretty crappy, plus i've never put up a message board so i want to try my best for now and i'm starting a website making class this semester so maybe i'll be able to whip a nice one up like a professional, but until then bear with me or actually HELP! (remind you of all the desperate "HELP ME"s? Well, this is how we can help)

So i'm really excited for this idea and really motivated, please reply and help. this is a proactive way to collect and get a stronger base to launch something from.

Your friend,
whitney clapp

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