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BHT seems most promising of all treatments by caliman ..... Herpes Simplex 1 Forum

Date:   1/10/2007 3:06:09 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Ive been trying to eradicate this virus (hsv2) now for over a year and wont let up till its gone.
I have done the beck protocol off and on for about 6 months,...never the full protocol for over a month however,...I lose interest when I cant see results in days or weeks, I cant say it doesnt work,..just that if it does work it may only for those with a mild case that have no symptoms...I do however take Colloidal Silver and ozonated water daily as it gives me energy and makes me feel great.

I also take high potency multi vitamins,olive leaf extract,selenium,zinc,cats claw,colon cleansers,fish oils,clarkia double,pro-biotics.

I also wear a terminatorII zapper to sleep about 3 times a week and have worn it 24/7 for a month in the past with slight improvement but reached a plateu(sp?)

Ive also done the h202 therapy drinking 3 glasses of 25 drops of 35% h2020 a day for 2 helped alot but I noticed it lowered my body temperature and became unbarably nasty...

I also took 30-50,000 mg. of sodium ascorbate(vitamin c) for a month and it seemed to work in the first 2 weeks but resulted in making my body very acidic over time and gave me a bad rash almost everywhere,....even though I used sodium ascorbate which is supposed to be alkalized vit.c it made me terribly acidic,...I cant explain why this happend but strongly discourage anyone using over 2 grams daily with hsv.

I have been investigating BHT and have been reading that alot of people have tested hsv anti-body neg. after a year or 2 from taking it....

I have been taking it now for a 2 weeks and notice, this shit does work!
I started taking 700mg.(2 capsules) with fish oils with breakfast for 3 days to get used to it,...then added another 700mg. with fish oils after dinner for another 5 days and noticed an increase in effectiveness.....

I now take 700mg. doses twice a day but disolve the bht in coconut oil and drink it or dip bread in it and eat it,..and have also added hypericin(st.john's wort)which is said to increase its effectiveness and be synergestic(delano report)

After all the research ive concluded that all the tests and rumors of bht being a carcinogen or tumor promoting are BS and another big pharma scare tactic. and that if anything do the complete opposite...

its advised even by doctors that divided doses under 2 grams a day are safe and wont cause harm to your liver even though it raises your liver enzymes slightly...and anything over that will cause dizziness and temporary vertigo.

one thing to remember is that bht is best taken with fatty oils or high fat diet to work well,olive oil,fish oil,coconut oil,etc.

I got my bht from
(vitamin research products) and they sell the capsules and powder form for those that want to disolve it in oils,...they also have organic cocnut oil too.

it was also also said to help alot with hiv and hep a and b.

hope that helps anyone.


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