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Re: So What Now --updated by mh ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   1/3/2007 9:38:16 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Most of this subject is taught by Paul (Applous) of the New Testament Bible and is the teaching of a great MONK.

I have no doubt it is mostly all true. The BIBLE is clear, those with family/friends have responsibility to those people and this then robs God of your love. This you have these MONKS that need no sex, no possesions, etc. and their thaughts are of God.

YES, with public education, we stock are encouranged to reproduce, allot! This makes new stock for the farmer.

The Bible says "come with me", leave your parents, leave your home and follow God. This is a MONK teaching the masses and he learned it from the Pyramids.

In Nature we do not see this, in nature we have familys of humans, sex is shared with many mates.

The MONKS seek to make us above the animals and superior with GOD. Both sides have their good points. When single, you will only find peace with God, otherwise you will seek friendship in others and not just God. When you have a mate and children, you have little time for God.

There is a simple solution:

When you go to bed each night, say a quick prayer thanking God. In the morning thank God again and ask God to guide you to those which he guides you to. Trusting God this way, you can not go wrong, you will have NO WRONG WAY of living, because you urned your life over to God, the owner that has been waiting for this type of LOVE.

A mate is only provided by GOD, others that you sought are not mates, just torment justice because you did not trust God to provide your mate. Children? They ask to be your children, you can not become pregnant EVER, unless a child has agreed to be your child. To believe "you" can have a child, is denying GOD.

TRUST that every moment of your life is under the control of GOD and that you have lived for millions of years and will live for as long as God is, then these few years in school on earth will seem unimportant and peace can be had.

No TRUST in GOD deserves torment or hell on earth, thats the lesson we all have to accept.

Yesterday is like the last scene of a play, we being the actors, to day is a new day, a new scene. What we learn will determine the next days lesson.

Peace/love is as close as your next thought, we make our own bed and lie in it. Life can be simple, or very painful. Money being the root of all evil. People trust $$$ more than they trust God.

Children and mates will come and go until we learn our lessons, "ALL" is for our education, we are the student, everything else is supplied by God, our teacher.


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