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Are You Ready? by Invincible ..... Law of Attraction Forum: The Secret

Date:   12/30/2006 3:04:05 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Are you ready?

Right now, if your doorbell were to ring and you opened it to a person who could give you all that you have desired, would you be ready? Or would you have to ask her to come back in a few weeks, after you had lost a few pounds, done your exercises, practiced your scales, prepared the demo tape and printed your business cards?

Readiness creates energy. Picture a room full of angels, all there to do your bidding, but reflecting only what you are doing and thinking. So as you sit before the television, full of doubt and worry, they just sit back and pick up a magazine, waiting for you to be ready.

But if you will go out into the world, join that class to hone your skills, work up your nerve and place a few phone calls, the angels will shake off their lethargy and perk up their ears. "At last," they say, tossing the magazine aside, "she is actually going to do something! Let's get to work and help pave the way."

And then do they set out, in their serendipitous angelic ways, to match up your desires and energies with that of other people, so that at your coach's graduation party, you accidentally bump into a person who is finishing a screenplay and looking for an actor just like you for a reading. And from this little meeting great things may come, if you are ready, if you are open, and if you are willing to go after the small opportunities with others who are just beginning, growing together with them as you all reach for the heights.

And most of all, love every moment, the practicing, the planning and dreaming, the process of getting ready. For as you look back on your life, this is what will stand out, the fun of commitment and dedication, the growing and evolving as you reach for what is just beyond your grasp. Learn to love that reaching and your life will be filled with purpose and joy. Learn to love that moment when you stand up and declare your commitment to your angels and you feel them respond, showering you with love and caring, flinging open the doors as you set out to do what you truly want to do.

Here is a little prayer for today

I close my eyes and see surrounding me angels who love me and who are willing to dedicate themselves to the fulfillment of my dreams. I allow their love and caring to fill me with courage and security, as I realize that I am fully capable of doing whatever it is I wish to do.

And now, I open my eyes and act. I am willing to dedicate my time and energy to the fulfillment of my dreams, to do what is best for me. I commit to doing all that I can possibly do to walk in the direction I wish to walk. I am filled with joy as I look out upon life and see the endless possibilities surrounding me, and feel the angels working with me, paving the way.

I am love. I am power unfolding. I am joy. I am.

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