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Re: Any Success With Neurological HPA Axis Symptoms? by plantlover ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   12/11/2006 11:07:27 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Question for John.....what kind of herbs were you taking?

For ANVIL.....I was taking the lowest dose of Propranalol 1 x 'normal' resting BP is 90/60 and my 'normal' body temp runs 95.0-97.7 in the morning. Both these low numbers (and especially in the absence of thyroid problems) are hallmarks of Adrenal Insufficiency. I also have just above high-normal range of potassium, another symptom, since aldosterone which is also manufactured by the adrenals controls sodim/potassium ratio. By BP is higher lately since I've started using the Baschetti Licorice root, but DON'T use it unless you have low BP AND a baseline potassium test done as this strong of licorice root can lower potassium and help you retain fluid (which I needed).

For the last few months I've been on low doses of Cortef 2-3 mg. 2 x day and I'm using 1-2 Isocort in the late afternoon. As long as I control my stress level, especially internally, and don't overextend what little energy I have for the day, it seems to help and I sleep better. The jury is out right now on all the benefits, but I'm going to run Cortisol tests while I'm on it to see where my numbers are. I read that people take 5-10 mg. bu for me, even with my morning cortisol abou 25% below lowest range I can't tolerate more than 3 mg. If I take around 3 mg. of Cortef  I've noticed that it DOES lower my heart rate, sometimes from 100 bpm to around 65-70, but the contractions seem harder, so that's something to consider. Isocort doesn't seem to have the same immediate affect. However, since my ears ring already, I've noticed that if I take more than 2 mg. of Cortef they ring even louder, which makes me just nuts!

For testing I've used 2 places. Both had the same results which says something good for them. If you didn't get any relief from Isocort it would really be a good idea to see where your cortisol numbers are. Keep in mind, if your adrenal fatigue is moderate to severe,  it may take a LONG while to see results, so be patient!!! They only deal with Dr.s' but yours can call and order testing kits. They charge about $100. for the labwork. They have a great website, so check it out, with sample tests and articles.

The other is Neuro-Science, Inc (Pharmasan Labs). Their site is http:/// The have all KINDS of tests you can order WITHOUT a Dr. and very reasonable.

Have you read Dr. Wilson's book ADRENAL FATIGUE? An absolute must if you think you have adrenal problems. Another book I highly recommend is the late Dr. Poesnecker's book called Chronic Fatigue Unmasked 2000. It's cheapest (I think about $15.00) if you order it from the Clymer Healing Research Center's website Don't let the title throw you....the book is about adrenal problems and Dr. Poesnecker's decades of treating adrenal patients through the Clymer clinic. He found a great many CFS patients had adrenal problems and for many it was their PRIMARY problem.




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